How Chris Hadfield made us care about astronauts again


On December 21st of last year, Commander Hadfield and his team (Expedition 35) docked with the ISS after a two-day flight in aboard a Soyuz TMA-07M, and began their mission.

Hadfield was the first to realize, on a large scale, that we don’t want a lecture, we just want to see cool stuff. So he told what amounts to the Good Parts version of living in space. He got results, too. His most popular video has 7 and a half million views, with several more in the millions or hundreds of thousands.

Commander Hadfield made all Canadians very proud.

  • Genius

  • LTMP

    11 and a half million views now. Also approaching 1,000,000 twitter followers and over 100,000 Youtube subscribers.

    I’ve been following him from the beginning. Right before the Space Oddity video, he had about 12,000 Youtube subscribers and 70,000 twitter followers.

    I’ve been in love with space all my life, Hadfield just made it more fun. A LOT more fun.

    Yes, I’m Canadian. I’ve never been into tribalism, but I’m damn proud of Hadfield.

    Think about it. The man was in space, commanding a space station and thought to himself, “I’m not bad-ass enough, what can I do to be even more bad-ass”.

    So he made a video.

    Chris Hadfield wins. Thanks to everyone else for playing.

  • Hadfield made space program devotees very proud, too.

  • kerker00

    Not only Canadians, also scientists and engineers all over the world

  • M

    Hadfield is Canadian, an astronaut and has a thick moustache. All other men should just give up now.

  • hally

    hello pepople