Limelight for iPhone

Limelight is a new way to browse and organize your movie library. Become a movie critic and share your library with friends for only 99¢.

This is a cool looking app.

  • Mother Hydra

    “Cool looking” is purely subjective, of course. That wood shelf. They couldn’t think of anything better than a shelf? Really? So a circa 1998 BestBuy CD tower is the apparent endgame for media curration apps? barf. The whole ibook shelf motif can get lost yesterday. They can have their craptastic page turn animations back too. Who has time for that shit?

  • Dennis Madrid

    I guess it looks okay (subjective, as Mother Hydra pointed out), but I wonder about functionality. I use the My Movies app for iPhone and iPad to keep track of my movies. It may not look quite a slick as Limelight, but it does a lot more. It syncs between iPad and iPhone, provides different views (including list) and search to help manage larger movie collections. It also does neat things like allowing you to flag movies that are loaned to friends (even allowing you to pull the name from Contacts). It also has a built-in barcode scanner, so when you buy a new DVD/Blu-ray you just scan the barcode and the app automatically downloads the appropriate title, cover art, and related metadata. Maybe Limelight is just aiming to fulfill a different goal.

  • tyr

    I use for a similar purpose. They’ve been promising an app for awhile now. They’d better get on that.