The Loop Magazine 1.01 released

We squished that multi-device subscription bug dead.

  • (not)

  • Nope

  • Django

    Still broken, and now it makes the app crash. There’s such a thing as testing…

  • Kid Dracula

    Still can’t subscribe from my iPad. Trying to subscribe just goes into a loop (ironically) and eventually fails.

    • Marv08

      Subscribing on the iPad using the “Subscribe” button behind the Settings (cog wheel) button did work here (after deleting 1.0 and freshly installing the new version). Brings up tons of “can’t subscribe at this time” warnings and a “loading…” loop, but finally works.

      • Kid Dracula

        Tried that. App crashed and now crashes every time I launch it. This sucks!

  • albertkinng

    Not working. Quit

  • Restore purchase still does not work, very frustating. Even more frustrating is the lack of communication. Are you aware of the issue? Are you working on it? Do you need detailed bug reports?

    • Additionally: The ‘Feedback -> Website’ link just points to the normal website, not a support site. It would be great to have a feedback form or e-mail address to provide feedback, ask questions and get support.

  • bheart

    Unsubscribing. I have no need for an app that doesn’t work 🙁

  • Amusing comments. Maybe Jim will be a little less harsh in judging others now he realises some of the challenges involved in doing something for money beyond just linking to others articles on the web.

    • You might want to get that keyboard checked. Everything you type on it turns into “I’m a dick, I’m a dick, I’m a dick.”

  • Some suggestions besides the obvious subscription and “restore purchase” bugs:

    • Auto-hiding the arrow that brings up the menu is a bit pointless. It does not overlap the text anyhow. All it does is requiring one additional, and non-obvious, tap.
    • There should be gestures (or buttons) to move to the previous and next articles. Having to bring up the menu for that is a bit too involved.
    • A night (inverted) mode would be appreciated. (But that may be only me.)
  • I can’t get in either. Apparently, my subscription will autorenew 6 days ago. Don’t want to trash Jim with a 1 star review, but the app is still not working.