The Loop magazine for iPhone and iPad released

On New Years Eve last year I said that I had some big plans for The Loop in 2013. The biggest of those plans is The Loop magazine for iPhone and iPad, which is available from the App Store today.

I wrote an introductory article on The Loop magazine Web site that you can read to find out why I decided to do a magazine, my inspiration and other details. I encourage you to read that.

There are clearly a lot of people I’d like to thank including Jamie and Daniel at TypeEngine, a beautiful new service I’m using to build and deliver The Loop magazine.

I would also like to thank Marco Arment for his support and advice over the past couple of months. It meant a lot to me.

As a quick overview, The Loop magazine will be updated twice a month through Apple’s Newsstand and will cost $1.99 per month, with a free 7-day trial.

All of the articles published in The Loop magazine are exclusive to the publication and written by some great writers. For instance, the first issue includes articles from Matt Gemmell, Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess, Michael Simmons, Holly Winewell, Peter Cohen and long time Apple analyst Ben Bajarin.

The one thing I did want to address is the Web presence for The Loop magazine. Here’s what I’ve decided to do. When an issue publishes, I will put one article on the Web that will be free for everyone. I will also publish partial articles for the remaining stories of that issue, with a link to subscribe to The Loop magazine.

When a new issue is released, I will look back at the stats for the previous issue and release the most read article for free. Over the following few weeks, the remaining articles will be made available for free on the Web.

The focus of The Loop magazine is to deliver the best long-form content for the iPhone and iPad. I believe we’ve accomplished that. So, go download it.

Enjoy The Loop magazine!

  • Kudos and congrats!

  • “When a new issue is released, I will look back at the stats for the previous issue and release the most read article for free.”

    This is a really smart idea.

  • MacMarcus

    Congrats, a great development for you and The Loop (…and of course The Beard)

  • rolphus

    This is awesome news indeed, but raises one issue for me. Do I continue to subscribe to The Loop, move to The Loop Magazine, or do both? Hmm.

  • I like reading The Loop website everyday, but I don’t think The Loop magazine is a good idea at all.

    • quietstorms

      It would probably be best to see what the content is like before judging it. It’s $2/month and I always welcome good journalism because it is so lacking in general.

      • The Magazine and the upcoming The Loop magazine isn’t real journalism.

        Why don’t we stop lying to ourselves about that?

        NYTimes, The Verge, and others ‘is’ the real journalism not a link blogs or an app on iOS exclusively. They report news, reports, and reviews…etc.

        You can call it a publication for writers or whatever, but please, guys, please stop calling this journalism, because it is not.

    • And Steve Ballmer didn’t see the point of an iPhone either.

  • Downloaded and subscribed!

  • danteusz

    Is this The Magazine’s engine?

  • Bernd Goldschmidt

    Downloaded and subscribed on my iPhone and there is no way to restore my subscription on my iPad.

    What can I do?

    • We’re working on that issue right now.

      • Bernd Goldschmidt

        Okay, thank you, I try to be patient.

        I only wish I had subscribed on my iPad first, reading on the iPhone is not optimal.

        • I kinda enjoyed it, but I’m on an iPhone 5. The pixel density makes for some sharp text, and the screen is relatively tall so I get a bit more of it.

  • John David

    Way to go Jim. This is another way to support The Loop and what you’re doing here. It’s more content and we know it’s going to be well done with great info and editorial opinions to back up what’s reported.

    Just another reason why The Loop is my number 1 source for Apple news and tech news in general!

  • Eric F.

    Hi Jim, I am happy for the launch of your magazine but I’m sadden greatly that us iPad 1 users dont have access to it. Is it not possible to have an iPad 1 compatible version as well? It seems like there is a lost audience (~100,000’s) Thanks. Best of luck! Eric F.

  • Congratulations, Mr. D.

  • Finally, a reason to use Newstand.

  • ScottyR

    Congrats on your launch!

    Will the range of content include guitars and music, similar to what you’re doing on Amplified?

    • Peter Cohen

      The idea is to offer readers different content that still speaks to our areas of expertise and interest – so you can count on Jim writing (and recruiting others to write) about music and other topics.

  • This was one of those “no-brainer” subscriptions for me. Thanks, Jim.

  • atatata

    Kudos! I”ll subscribe

  • Fuck you arment

    Oh good lord. This magazine shit is just fucking bullshit

    • Peter Cohen

      Unbelievable bullshit isn’t it? Especially the part about us holding a gun to your head to make you subscribe.

      Seriously, just fuck off.

  • What is your content goal for it? Like The Loop? Or less newsy, more persistence? Opinion pieces? Reviews?

    • Peter Cohen

      Doing breaking news in a magazine format would be really sort of dumb, so no, that’s not it. We’re aiming for content that’s a mix of opinion pieces, long-form journalism, and other stuff that makes sense for the magazine.

  • Good news for The Loop. Good news for writers. Win. Win.

  • Most excellent. I have subscribed. (So now you get two subscriptions from me – the magazine and the website! Marco should be so lucky!)

  • Sorry but $1.99 is too much money. I’d be happy to pay $0.69 a month maybe but not more. Please rethink the pricing and make it available on the Android platform.

    • You’re a dumb cheap prick

      This is the stupidest comment ever. $1.99 a MONTH is too much, but you’re willing to pay $0.69? So $1.30 a MONTH is going to break you? Or you think it makes it such a ripoff that even if you can afford it, you refuse on principle? Jesus, you probably have that much under the seat in your car.

      • $0.69 is the correct price to charge. I have made my decision and I will stand by it. I will not pay $1.30 a month too much, or $15.60 a year, i.e. the Dalrymple tax.

        • Dude, seriously? As much as I’d like to see it on Android, you’re feeding the “Android users are cheap” trolls. (not saying anyone here, just in general)

          It is $1.99/mo for two episodes. If it is too much, kick rocks and just ignore it. The Loop won’t miss you. 😉

          • Android users are not cheap, but they are not frivolous either.

            I will be ignoring it at the current price. I just thought I should pass comment on the extortionate pricing. If he ever wants to sell to sophisticated Android consumers, the price will need to come down.

          • Speak for yourself. If it was on Android, I’d pay it, even if purely out of respect for Jim, $4.99/mo for two issues.

            Lumping all Android users into your sandbox is a bad trend. We both may rock green but it doesn’t mean we’re the same.

          • I didn’t lump all Android users into my sandbox. My sandbox is only for the sophisticated Android consumers, as I wrote clearly in my last comment.

          • “Lumping any Android users into your sandbox is a bad trend. We both may rock green but it doesn’t mean we’re the same.”

          • Correct. You’re definitely not a sophisticated Android consumer.

          • Clearly!

          • mhikl

            I think the chap skim-read your comment. I understand nuance and got your point; whether or not I agreed with it.

          • $2/month is “extortionate pricing”. Had to laugh at that (and your “sophisticated Android sandbox”).

          • Same. He’s pretty laughable.

      • mhikl

        I doubt I’d subscribe if this readership is the norm. Mean and ignorant makes up too much of the world today. There is nothing wrong with guidelines and deleting rude comments. It’s a free country, one can say what s/he wants; and just as valid is The Loop’s right to delete nasty comments and purge usurpers.

  • The “$1.99 is too much money for two magazines” mindset is what is killing quality content. Well written articles that offer analysis that isn’t offered anywhere else are worth that. If people continue to balk at a $2 price on that (or a $2 price on a game app, or a $5 album download) they’re only hurting themselves by preventing the people who create quality content from creating quality content. Even if someone were to argue that “if they like it they can do it for free,” that’s not how the real world works. If the product (in this case, magazine) is low-quality, complain about that. It’s not. If it’s truly outlandishly prices, complain about that. But if $2 a month is “too much money,” you’re clearly not interested in the content, so don’t waste your time – you’re not the intended audience, and move along.