In which Bloomberg just makes shit up about the iPad mini

Philip Elmer-Dewitt, quoting Pegatron CEO Jason Cheng:

“After the meeting, one reporter from Bloomberg approached me, trying to dig out detail numbers about some specific product. I clearly refused to comment on specific products, nor customers, even though he continued with other questions. I did say those words that he quotes me in the article “more on demand, while price has been stable”…, “almost every item is moving in a negative direction”…; “Not just tablets, also e-books and games consoles”. But I did not say anything associated with any specific products.

It’s pretty clear that Tim Culpan at Bloomberg went into the conference with an agenda and was going to write a damning article about Apple by hook or by crook. What a fucking douchebag.

  • Roberto

    Writing unreliable negative articles about Apple is looking like a trend all around the world… I am not sure why.

    • Peter Cohen

      I blame the Illuminati.

      • It’s actually The Silence, but nobody will believe me.

      • Terry Maraccini

        Peter, you may be onto something here. That’s quite different from being on something.

    • rattyuk

      More interesting is the tirade of anti Apple comments on the site already.

  • That’s a cold ass honky.

  • Alan D.

    I wonder how many so-called “journalists/analysts” would need to be prosecuted for stock manipulation before they’d start fact-checking before they publish this bullshit…

    • rattyuk

      Why fact check when you go in with an agenda to put words into the mouth of the person you are interviewing?

  • ‘Bloomberg’ now officially known as ‘Financial News: Tales from Tim Culpan’s Ass’.

  • Steve

    Its all about accountability. No one is being held accountable so as long as they are making money and getting clicks off of it they will continue to do it. Very simple really, there needs to be some prosecution. What happened earlier in the year with the apple stock nosediving was a clear manipulation of the stock by people that directly benefited from it. People should have been arrested and charged for that.

  • BC2009

    Your last sentence sums it up.

  • BGC
  • Dee

    IF bloomberg does not fire Tim Culpan then bloomberg is party to this as well. What do we feel of information provided by bloomberg (dishonest and not trust worthy)? This will have ramficiation in the data they provide…

  • Terry Maraccini

    It’s not making shit up. It’s lying. Tim Cul;pan’s mom should wash his mouth out with soap.

    BTW- Apple will be adding blurry support to the iPhone 9 three years from now. I read it on Bloomberg.

  • Welcome to how BlackBerry has felt for the past 3 years. Some of their negative attention has, of course, been deserving but some of it has just been plain straight up BS.