Windows 8 the biggest marketing fiasco since “New Coke”

No company wants to be compared to New Coke. Ever.

  • Domicinator

    I didn’t hate Windows 8 when I tested it, but I did have to go to the web more than once to figure out how to do the most basic of tasks. That should not happen.

    I do like the ribbon interface, but I don’t like all the flipping back and forth between ribbon and desktop. Poorly executed, poorly designed, poorly conceived.

  • I don’t know. Oil of Olay might. After all, they’re still selling and promoting their “Daily Facials”

  • Agit

    It’s not the marketing that is at fault – it’s the product design.

  • Dave

    It’s lazy to link to BGR just because you read it there. You should link to Financial Times who actually paid a reporter to solicit the quote from Richard Doherty. Then acknowledge BGR as your source.

  • Not the first time it happened, and Microsoft didn’t go bust. See: Windows ME, Windows Vista

  • DaveChapin77

    New Coke increased Coca-Cola’s market: original coke buyers kept buying classic; and new customers bought the new stuff. The bump was 15%. I think a lot of people would be thrilled with that.

    The problem was long term branding. They should have called the new stuff by a new name; and left Classic as just Coke.

  • This is hyperbole. Vista was way more poorly received, that will always be Microsoft’s new Coke.

  • Perpective

    100 000 000 in first in first six months. Not bad. Mac after out growing pc industry how ever long is still the same 5% market share worldwide as it was 15 years ago.(actually this outgrowing pc-industry broke last year but hey it is excelent quote.)

    When press writes these things without perspective about Apple it is false and stupid. If it is about competition the it true and funny. Lame.