Video: Steven Levy interviews Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

I like Marissa.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer: Remaking An Internet Giant from WIRED on

  • Joseph Blake

    Apple and Yahoo need to hook up like Apple and Google should’ve hooked up at the beginning of the iPhone era. No reason Yahoo couldn’t fix Apple’s iCloud problems

    • kibbles

      icloud problems? what is yahoo doing better?

      • Joseph Blake

        Photos for one. Email for another.

        • kibbles

          youre suggesting Yahoo’s ad-driven free email is better than Apple’s clients? interesting.

          as for photos — yahoo dropped the ball w/ flickr years ago.

    • quietstorms

      Yahoo and Apple are already collaborating closely together on iOS whether it’s for whether or various kinds of information on Siri.

      I would enjoy seeing Yahoo’s new weather app replacing the stock weather app which uses Yahoo anyway. Also, if Apple can’t or won’t provide a way to back up all my photos to iCloud then they might as well try to make a deal to use Flickr for that.

      I’m not sure what else Yahoo has to offer Apple beyond what was just mentioned.

  • Moeskido

    Well, she’s no Thorsten Heins, that’s for sure.