Typography for non-professionals

Seth Godin:

If you use a typeface that reminds me of the script on the menu of a French restaurant, then no, I’m not going to instinctively believe that you’re a good doctor. If you use a thin, elegant wedding invitation font in your Powerpoint presentation, you haven’t been clever, you’ve merely confused me.

So true. I see people do crazy things like this all the time and it just makes me angry.

  • Every year since “desktop publishing” became a thing, more and more people with absolutely no taste or ability to visually communicate have littered the world with ransom-note design work. And of course many of the tools to commit these sad excuses for presentations, publications, and Web sites are getting easier to use every year.

    Let’s compound that with a new, notional generation reaching adulthood that’s been raised to indulge themselves even more than the Boomers did.