MG Siegler heads to Google Ventures

Best of luck to MG.

  • tylernol

    more importantly, how soon until he changes his tune about Google Glass?

  • Please have them tell him to stop writing so much bullshit. He is one of the worst New Media Douchebags out there.

  • The guy is an apple fan, but that’s his only redeeming quality. Like so many bay area douchebags, he’s a flagrant fascist (while being so ignorant of economics and politics that he doesn’t even know what fascism is…) He’s quite the jerk, and he’s a failure as an investor- obviously you don’t leave a fund after 18 months if the fund is doing really great.

    Good talent is hard to find, and there’s so little of it, that people like this guy are given so much power it’s not even funny.

    It’s kinda like The Fountainhead where people have such a hostility to the mind that they exalt that which is mediocre (eg: ellsworth toohey’s columns) in order to crowd out the excellent.

    Apple is excellent, google is mediocre.

    • I don’t know the guy personally, but a fascist? That’s a two-tonne word. Funny enough, it’s one that’s even been levelled at ideas behind The Fountainhead. But I digress.

  • quietstorms

    This article makes the situation far more clear:

    MG Siegler Just Became the Most Blessed Shill in The Entire World

    I really don’t care about whether he has an affinity for Apple products or not but he follows the same nonsense as Arrington where he blurs the line between journalist and blogger. He’ll mention Path updates (a company he invested in) but remains silent on Path spamming user contacts.

    He’s not particularly talented at whatever job he’s in (funny how he links to stories about writers like Hemingway) but he’ll make a lot of money doing so.

  • Crabbit Git

    Unfortunately tech journalism around the Bay area is infested with self-interested tossers.

    It is becoming harder and harder to find a source of genuine news as opposed to opinion masking self indulgent wankery.

    Good luck to MG in his latest venture, but this is nothing but MG lining his own pockets.