Gates says iPad users are frustrated, iPad should be like the Surface

Bill Gates is a crazy man. It starts at 7:05.

  • Yes, and that is why the Surface is outselling the iPad on every market and eating Apple’s market share,and…wait, I can’t type that with a straight face. My guess, Steve had this guy on his Bozo list.

    • Mac OSX should be more like Windows.

      Yes, and that is why OSX is outselling Windows on every market.. oh wait..


        keep living on past glories. you shall be victorious very soon. Just wait for version 3.0.


          as soon as M$ can copy all the innovation and give it away free like Google.

      • TechManMike

        The difference is that you don’t see Tim Cook spouting off at the mouth about how Windows should be like OS X….

      • Space Gorilla

        Actually, in what I would call the ‘best customer segment’, OSX dominates. Or stop by any high end development shop, you’ll see mostly Macs.

  • rattyuk

    I think I’d rather have Apple’s 22 Million + customers for the quarter than Microsoft’s 1.5 Million.

  • gjgustav

    Bill Gates knows the value of “repeat a lie often enough, and people will believe it’s true.” He did this all the time while running Microsoft. He misused the word “innovative” so often that I’ll bet he still says it in his sleep.

    • studuncan

      “Keyboard” “Richness of Office”

    • Mother Hydra

      It is a strategy I see employed where I work. George Costanza would say it’s not a lie if you believe it.

  • Andrew Lowson

    He’s also just incorrect. They can’t create documents? They can’t type? Whilst Microsoft sell expensive keyboards with their tablets there are dozens of options for keyboards for the iPad with varying features. And word processing…Office isn’t the only productivity software suite it’s just the most expensive one.

  • Mother Hydra

    wow, there must be a slow gas leak, this is just wacky.

    • Winski

      Yea, SWAMP GAS !!!

      I’ve maintained for decades that Gates was, at best, a mediocre technology person, and this just verifies it… Again…

      Ask folks that have actually bought a Surface… It’s a piece of junk.

  • The real question that needed to be asked: how come Office just isn’t all that relevant anymore and what can MSFT do to change that?


      bundle it like they used to be able to do prior to anti-trust but then how do you compete with free with better service but Microsoft is not know for that.

  • Gates has never “gotten” Apple. He & Microsoft just don’t GET the consumer market at all.

  • CAugustin

    I’m so glad the iPad is NOT like the Surface (RT or Pro) – which is a “tablet” that is only halfway usable in landscape orientation and with the keyboard attached, and that needs a flat surface to be comfortably operated in this configuration (hence the name, I guess ;)). I would buy a MacBook Air instead (or an Ultrabook if I’d need nothing but Windows or Linux) …

  • Um, he really didn’t say anything. I don’t think his opinion matters at all since look at Microsoft’s stock. It has flat lined for over a decade.

  • lucascott

    If the iPad was more like the Surface then there would be no reason for a Surface

    • rattyuk

      And the iPad wouldn’t be the runaway success it has been.

      Let’s face it Microsoft never got what tablets were or are. All Microsoft get is their 20 year old mantra. Windows everywhere.

      • lucascott

        I didn’t say identical to just ‘more like’. Really all it needs is a ‘click’ keyboard case, copy of Office and the magical HipHop skillz set and it is ‘more like Surface’

  • Crabbit Git

    MS Office for IOS . Ball is in your court Microsoft.

  • Colossalsevnty7

    As a current programming student I am excited to see what Microsoft is doing with Windows 8. I think they have really stepped up and have taken the step in the right direction. Personally i work off of a 27″ iMac which runs parallels, a virtual window program. I run Windows 8 with this and I like what they are doing. But the majority of the Microsoft products I use are developer software such as Visio, Visual Studio, and Access among others. There products are top notch and that’s why they are so widely used. To be honest Microsoft Word is the best word processor the is. Yes there are others but Microsoft holds the title for what a word processor should be. I run Microsoft Office for Mac and would much rather use it than Pages, Apples word processor. Bill Gates is no fool and we all need to remember, if not realize, that he is selling a product. I am sure there is someone out the who watched this and said to them selves that he is right and ran off to get Surface Pro. As I type this on my iPad I can say with certainty that I am not one of them. While the surface is nice and has some advantages such as Office, which I would buy in a heart beat, I see no reason to buy a Surface especially at the price point they slapped on it.

    • Space Gorilla

      Thanks, this bit made me laugh out loud, “Microsoft Word is the best word processor”. Good one.

  • GTWilson

    “Now”, thought Bill, as he closed his eyes for a split second and concentrated on the image of Norman Vincent Peale…

    There was a rain of sparks.

    A loud crackling noise.

    A strong smell of ozone wafted through the studio.

    Upon opening his eyes it was clear his reality distortion field had failed yet again.

  • Surface was a sci-fi TV SHOW, cancelled affer just one season.. Hmm history repeats…

  • lucascott

    Wait I’m confused. Doesn’t he mean the Surface tablet or the Surface table

    Cause yeah a giant table mounted iPad with a wall mounted iPad that could do that stuff like in Quantum of Solace would be awesome.

    They could debut it would an app that uses those weird apptivity magnet pieces so you could have checkers, cheese etc right on your iPad Table. And even mirror the game so folks could see it on the wall if there was a crowd.

    And if there was a way to tilt it up you could use it like a drafting table with a t-square and triangle. Like that stuff in the Adobe video only you could just swipe your drawings over to the wall.

    It would be rad