YouTube says it won the battle with the TV

YouTube vs. TV? YouTube says the battle — if there ever was one — is over.

In a flashy presentation to advertisers Wednesday night, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt declined to forecast that Internet video will displace television watching. Instead he declared: “That’s already happened.”

I agree that habits are changing and there is a huge shift coming, but I don’t believe YouTube has won.

  • Buckeyestar

    YouTube is not television programming, it hasn’t replaced anything.

  • Agreed. I can’t watch ‘Psych’ on YouTube.

  • Schmidt should stand in front of a giant Mission Accomplished banner.

  • Consider the source. Schmidt is still trying to master the Reality Distortion Field.

  • imthedude

    Just announced, the last season of Breaking Bad will air on youtube in 10 minute segments of videos that load 25% of the time, with the other 75% buffering every minute with 50Mbps connections.

    • Same performance for me. My conspiracy theory is that Google is doing this to Apple devices on purpose, as that’s the only video streaming site and devices I have a problem with on my 50Mbps connection.

  • Eric the Half-a-bee

    It must be true because Eric Schmidt has such a good record when it comes to predicting the future of television:

    “By the summer of 2012 the majority of the televisions that you see in the television stores here will have Google TV embedded in it.”

  • Curious what other site would you consider the de facto video source?

    If you mean streaming/purchasing, I’d agree they haven’t but everyone goes to YouTube for content.

    • Not everyone. I have three TVs in my house and no cable. One TV gets only local TV channels, another TV is connected to a Roku, the third TV is connected to a Wii. I have a Netflix account and a HuluPlus account. I don’t watch anything on YouTube.

      • kibbles

        the same. no cable, internet devices only. Netflix and iTunes.

        • Yeah, both of you are referring to streaming/purchasing. Maybe I misunderstood the reference but it seemed it wasn’t about getting network/studio content.

          • Well, that’s what TV is.

          • Yeah, just didn’t take the comment as them saying “we’ve beat TV at network/studio content” (since it is pretty clear YouTube doesn’t have the content TV has).


    real metric is ad dollars what is youtube bring in versus TV channel or TV Company.

  • KvH

    Google Fiber is still making deals with Television and they worked pretty hard to get ESPN and HBO signed up as well. Guess the future isn’t here quite yet (although I suspect with Google Fiber i’ll have a much better connection to Youtube than most other streaming services.)

  • G

    The only thing I’ve “tuned in” to YouTube for (so far) was Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome. They broke it up into tiny segments, and it didn’t stream very well. Months later, they showed it reassembled with extra scenes on SyFy HD, which proved to be far more enjoyable. YouTube has a time and place, and it’s perfect for certain things, but winning versus TV?


  • lucascott

    i would say if anyone won, it’s bit torrent

  • If Eric says it, you know it’s true. I’m also enjoying the ads I have to pay for in time, money and more money. Youtoob – my new best friend. Can’t wait for all TV to be youtoobed.

    • Hulu is the worst, IMHO. I definitely don’t care for YouTube ads but at least it is free. Hulu gets you monthly and on each video.

      But…if you think about it, you pay for cable (or did) and they fed you commercials like crazy! That’s what helps me sleep at night after paying my Hulu bill.

  • This is the guy that told us that almost all TVs would be Google TVs by now…