Triage email app for iPhone

Triage is for people who struggle to stay on top of their inbox. It doesn’t try to replace your desktop mail client, but lets you use your downtime to quickly remove the noise and stress.

I tested Triage and loved it. It was released while I was traveling, so I didn’t get a chance to post about it. It’s a brilliant idea to help you keep on top of your email quickly and easily.

  • KvH

    They just added support in the last update so I need to go back and try it again.

    No exchange support so I can’t use it with that email, but home email gets overwhelmed too.

  • alttag

    My biggest complaint is that my triage of email requires support for three actions (delete, archive, postpone). While all of those are supported by triage, it only allows me to use two of those actions at a time. … which keeps it from being a more regular part of my workflow.

    Adding support for left/right flicks in addition to up/down would solve the issue. I’m hopeful.