The sure fucked this one up

There’s a story on The Street today titled, “Lookout Apple, Here Comes Microsoft: Surface Tablets Break Into Top 5.” Sounds impressive, right?

Sounds even more impressive when the writer, Gary Krakow, follows up with:

According to IDC’s first quarter numbers, Microsoft’s tablet shipments increased 142% to 49.2 million units compared to the same period a year ago.

Wait, what?

I checked IDC’s press release and this is what it actually says:

Worldwide tablet shipments continue to surge, growing 142.4% year over year in the first quarter of 2013 […] Tablet shipments totaled 49.2 million units in 1Q13…

That’s for all tablet makers, not just Microsoft.

According to IDC, Microsoft shipped about 900,000 for 1.8% share of the market. Apple shipped 19.5 million iPads or 39.6% of the market.

Even if The Street read their own story, they would see it makes no sense.

  • studuncan

    ” if The Street read their own story”

    Clearly, Jim, you’re asking WAAAAY too much.

  • “if The Street read their own story”

    That’s precious.

  • Mother Hydra

    aww that’s cute, BUT IT’S WRONG!

  • How many of you would’ve guessed I’d be the one the point out Android was noted as being the tablet market share leader?

    (braces for trolls down voting) 😀

    But…yeah, they screwed the pooch on the linked article.

    • Herding_sheep

      And you’re more than happy to get the down votes because you just LOVE the attention. Your Android high-fiving is probably more appropriate in the the discussion about IDCs new ESTIMATES (emphasis on the word estimates), and not in the discussion about Jim pointing out thestreets error being about Surface sales.

      • Nope, can’t stand trolls but I embrace the haters.

        Actually, Jim pointed out iPad #’s and left out Android, which would’ve have happened if it was better news for Apple, so I thought I’d help complete the narrative.

        • Herding_sheep

          How’s the view up there? That must be a pretty high horse you’re sitting on.

          Seems to me like Jim didn’t mention it because he was pointing out an error another website made about Surface sales in relation to iPads, and not a complete commentary on the overall IDC estimates. But then again, what do I know, I lack the wisdom and courage of such a bold individual yourself.

          • lol. Not a high horse at all. Playing with the audience, sure.

          • Herding_sheep

            Playing with the audience, which is code for “I’m bored and need attention”

            Playing with the audience is exactly what trolls do. Coming onto an Apple-centric blog, and “helping complete the narrative” for a lack of acknowledgement of Android sales, seems awfully trollish to me.

            I’m sure there’s plenty of Android sites that are discussing IDCs estimates (emphasis on the word estimates) while cautiously avoiding the fact that Apple is the only manufacturer selling 19 million tablets in one quarter. Maybe you could go police over there and help them complete the narrative too.

          • Haha…you’re obsessed with trying to force me into an attention gathering state. I don’t need it man…trust me. 😉

            You can call my original comment trolling, yep. I trolled but am not a troll. (sounds poetic) lol

            I kick it on some Android sites but not many. Most times, as seen here, you get a ton of zealots who won’t open their mind to other possibilities. I use Android and iOS so I choose to frequent both sites. Seeing as I like Jim most out of Apple-centric bloggers…I frequent here.

            Edit: Oh and yes I’m aware of shipments vs sales. Jim wrote about this a couple months ago as well.

            I’m also aware these same “estimates” aren’t diminished when they’re positive, hence the #1 manufacturer comment you made. 😉 #toeachhisown

          • Nath

            “I trolled but am not a troll”

            Dude, you need help. Seriously. Go see a doctor – they can prescribe some medication that will make you feel better.

          • I feel great. Most folks here are way too serious. Take it easy and enjoy some fun in the conversation while we discuss first world problems.

            My tech friends/co-workers and I do this all the time (iOS vs Android) and have a blast ribbing each other. Here though…y’all take this too serious. Lighten up.

          • Nath

            If your idea of fun is trolling on The Loop, then you really need help 🙁

          • Let it go man.

            Y’all act like I privately trolled with an anonymous name or something. Out of all of my comments, I’ve “trolled” twice.

            Loosen up. Man y’all are so sensitive!

          • kibbles

            “Let it go”? who’s the last-worder, here? you are. you want it. you need it. you must have it. this and dozens of other threads…this place is your ego feed.

            for all your lol nonsense, youre a still just troll.

    • I don’t know how familiar you are with the format of this site, but all the editors’ commentary here is brief and on point.

      The issue at hand is The Street’s headline/article error (whether intentional or not) regarding Apple iPad vs. Microsoft Surface tablet sales. Mentioning Android in its context is as relevant as mentioning turtles.

      • I’ve been around a couple years now so I’m very familiar. Nice to meet you by the way. I liked your above comment comparing journalism to politics.

        It is only irrelevant if Android numbers were not in the same report. Am I the only one noticing the crickets from the Apple faithful on Android’s #’s?

        Just search The Loop for Android and you’ll see Android mentioned alongside Apple numbers:

        I’m not hung up on it…just mentioned it because it was left out and I feel, based on past quips/posts, it would not have been had it been favorable to Apple.

    • And those Android shipments include all the sub-199$ devices that are bashed in EVERY review as having major flaws in comparison to the 199$ Nexus 4.

      Absolutely everyone I encountered who got an iPad – some of them even saying they don’t wanted one, as they were nothing more than a toy in their eyes – absolutely loved it and totally changed his/her desktop computer usage pattern.

      I doubt that the 99$- or 149$ tablets are devices that will be loved by their owners.

      Just because you CAN ship them, doesn’t mean you should!

      If people spent just 50$ more, they would get a device that’s much much better (Yes, I am praising the Nexus 4 here) – in the context of the at least 2 years you’ll be using a tablet, probably longer as a hand-me-down device for the kids, 50$ is not a high price to pay to go from “piece of shit” to “great device”.

      All tablets are not created equal!

      • I haven’t used any sub-$199 tablets but there are definitely some crappy one’s out there. I think you meant the Nexus 7 though, which starts at $199.

        My mom has a REALLY crappy Pantech tablet. It has GetJar on it (not Google Play). Horrible lil’ device but it was free so she didn’t complain. haha.

        Agreed on the iPad. My wife got me an iPad mini for Christmas and I was a bit disappointed, didn’t want it. After a bit, it became my primary and is, IMHO, the best tablet on the market at any size.

        Agreed on the can vs should too.

        “All tablets are not created equal!” <– PREACH!

  • stsk

    Wait. It gets even better. Apparently, the 900K units shipped are made up of “1.8 million (3.3%) Windows 8 tablets shipped in the first quarter. But, only 200,000 thousand Windows RT tablets made it out the door.”

  • Ha.

  • Shipments ≠ Sold

  • Matt Brady

    They added a correction now – which makes the headline even more absurd because you see that the 1.9% share Microsoft has is no threat to Apple.

  • Wow, what lengths these morons (aka “journalists”) would go to, in order to push their page-baiting “Apple is doomed” theme… :/

    Nowadays, journalism is more disgusting than politics.

    • rattyuk

      I don’t think calling people who manipulate stock prices with misleading headlines journalists is fair on real journalists.

  • Winski

    IF, you always do EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what the founder of The Street, Jim Cramer says, you’ll make money every time… So, this does NOT surprise me at all…

  • A simple sanity check shows that if Microsoft shipped 49.2 million tablets, and had a 1.8% marketshare, then the total tablet market would be 2.7 billion tablets shipped quarterly or 10.9 billion yearly.

    • How is that relevant? Where does sanity or fact come into anything to do with The Street (Wall or site)? It’s just an (apparently) legal con game.

  • Why anyone would pay the slightest attention to The Street (or Bland ii for that matter) is beyond little ol’ me. There have to be better ways to waste time like punching yourself in the face, watching tv news or studying reality television.

    • LMBO. I was with you until the “Bland II” bit. 😉 #touché

  • “Same period a year ago”. I don’t think Microsoft were selling any tablets last year, so the story is even more ridiculous talking about increase. Could very well be 100000% increase as they were not selling any last year.

  • Slurpy2k12

    You know what’s interesting? WHen noone ever fucks up an article to Apple’s benefit. It’s always fucked up in a way that looks Apple look worse, even from “reputable” sources, so something tells me it’s not that accidental.