Horace Dediu talks about analysts

Horace Dediu talking about analysts:

So paradoxically, the opinion of those who are highly paid should be treated with suspicion while the opinion of those subject to peer review should be treated with respect. It brings to mind the difference between highly paid fortune tellers and pundits whose methods are obscure vs. poorly paid graduate students whose methods are open to all. Whose opinion is worth more?”

I have a great deal of respect for Horace.

  • stsk

    Horace’s opinions are almost always well reasoned and supported by data. He’s unusual that way.

  • The guy always seems to be on top of things. And yet the mainstream media seems to interview Enderle instead. It’s a downright dirty shame.

    • Horace does actual analysis. Too technical for mainstream media.

  • richard451

    One analyst disses other analysts. Meanwhile when it comes to predicting Apple, they are all wrong.

    • Slurpy2k12

      Dediu is always pretty damn accurate and insightful.. which stems from not talking out of his ass and respecting his job.

      • richard451

        and yet when compared to with real numbers, his estimates are usually way, way off. A monkey and a chicken could probably do a better job.