Google denies Google Now drains iPhone battery

Funny because a lot of people said that once they deleted the app, the battery returned to normal functionality.

  • Google really ought to have been banned from the store years ago over these lies to the public.

  • impaler

    I can attest that in looking in location settings, it’s the Google app that was leaving location on all the time. Deleted the app, the location icon is gone.

    • BC2009

      I find it amusing that Google was so smug when Apple Maps came out about their maps being better and now they are finding their presence on iOS diminishing despite the fact the iOS is a far more lucrative ad platform with advertisers paying far more for iOS ads than Android ads.

      With Apple Maps, Google’s constant feed from very active IOS users providing location data to Google all but ceased since most users don’t use the Google Maps app since Apple Maps is really good for most folks. I have Google Maps app and have opened it maybe 5 times since I mostly use Apple Maps and then Navigon for long trips.

      Now Google is making users uneasy about their battery life and they are getting their primary app deleted from iPhones.

      It’s funny watching a company pull an unhanded move and then watching them suffer because of it. Karma.

  • Sean

    The location features can be turned off separately.

  • God Google are pathetic liars. Just launched Google Search. GPS icon came on at the top. Closed Google Search. Solid GPS icon still there.

    • BC2009

      It is possible for the icon to remain without it using excessive battery power. There are two forms of background location services on iOS. One requires constant GPS access for turn-by-turn navigation and such. The other was provided for apps that poll your location periodically and share with friends (like Google Latitude). Google Now should only need the polling version of the service which is a much lower battery drain.

      • Ya and you can tell the difference between the two because the constant form has a solid GPS icon while the polling form had an outline GPS icon. Google Search uses a solid GPS icon.

  • Moep

    Doesn’t drain mine. Whether on my iPhone 5 nor on my iPad mini.

  • Adam

    I don’t really care whether or not it drains the battery. I’m more concerned about Google implementing a feature that tracks my location 24/7 and making it opt-out by default rather than opt-in.

  • Zero battery issues on my iPhone since installing Google Now a few days ago. Locations services have been running the whole time.

  • Ron Miller

    Google’s statement is probably true. Most likely, Google only polling for “significant updates” in location which is an option in the iOS API. This only uses cell towers and not GPS to find your location (which is only accurate +/- 100m or so), so it has almost zero drain on the battery (the phone needs to contact the cell towers anyway). This is accurate enough for Google’s purposes.

    The location icon that shows up in the status bar is only an indication that an App is monitoring your location, not that it is draining the battery. That being said, I don’t really like having my location icon always lit up as it would hide other apps that might be tracking me or draining the battery. Also, as another poster mentioned, I don’t trust Google with this kind of data.

    Note that you can stop Google from tracking your location by going to Settings –> Privacy –> Location, and then turning off the switch next to Google’s app. That is what I did, and it stopped the location icon from constantly being lit up.

  • Luaks

    Funny because I thought Dalrymple claimed stuff like this only happened on Android, and wasn’t possible at all on iOS 😛

    • I don’t think Jim ever said it wasn’t possible just that it isn’t a common issue on iOS. Batteries are batteries and those cells drain when not properly used.

      Also, old Android was a BEAST on the battery. I divorced HTC ’cause of it: 😉 Current versions don’t have battery issues at all, in comparison.

  • Luděk Roleček

    I don’t care about location icon in my status bar. On my phone it’s up all the time because of Moves app anyway.

    But when I turn Location Services on in Google Search, my phone starts loosing around 20-25% battery capacity per hour just sitting on my nightstand doing nothing. When I turn location services off in Google Search, phone returns to its normal 3-5% battery drain per hour.

  • Here’s what you do if you want to keep it but not have it running all the time. You go into the app, going to It’s “Settings”, going to privacy and turn off “location reporting”. That way, it only looks for your location when the app is running but not when the app is closed. It may mess up the results for Google now but it’s better than having a dead battery

  • The comments were interesting as some noted Android having the same problem. I haven’t seen it at all but each device truly is different.

    I did notice, when upgrading the Search app, Google explained GPS was not used at all so I thought something was odd about the entire thing. Is possible their testing missed the mark this time though.