Sexist, creepy Assus


    1. (not a justification, just saying it is really old news)

    When it happened, they took a bit hit socially. #eggmeetface

    • Mother Hydra

      PHEW, I ran to go check on this too, this strange thing called deja-vu

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  • KvH

    Yeah, this was almost year ago. But doesn’t hurt to remind them stupidity has a bad side too.

    I really like their routers so I hope they’ve learned their lesson.

  • JDSoCal

    She does have a nice ass. So what? My gawd, the Beard going PC on us.

    • This isn’t about political correctness, it’s about bad taste committed by careless marketing bros.

      • BC2009

        So dressing her up in sexy clothes to show off the product to get people to think “wow, she has a nice butt” is that much worse than actually saying “hey guys, check out this girl with the nice butt that we are paying to show off our product”???

        • JDSoCal

          I know, all of tech can hire booth babes, but comment on a hot girls ass, it’s “creepy?” What a lame, pussified world we are turning into.

          • Nope. You’re both making comparisons with still other crappy behavior. What a moronic, preadolescent male world we turned into decades ago.

          • kibbles

            er, try millennia ago.

          • BC2009

            I’m not condoning the behavior, but rather criticizing the hyporcrisy.

          • JDSoCal

            Commenting on a woman’s anatomy is now pre-adolescent? Better than a pussified, effete, eunuch.

          • If context means nothing to you, then it’s no wonder you’re confused.

          • JDSoCal

            Yeah, I “just don’t get it.” Typical libtard comment to someone whose brain wasn’t installed upside down.

          • Spare us your Fox News dog whistles.

          • JDSoCal

            I am quite clear in my meaning and don’t need dog whistles.

          • Brilliant comeback. Shouldn’t you be busy posting something misogynist and misspelled on TechCrunch or ZDNet?

          • JDSoCal

            No admiring women is misogynistic too. Did you actually look up that word before you used it?

          • Good one! Tell me.. when you “admire” women, are you normally somewhere where you stuff dollar bills in a g-string, or do you just call out a body part while standing in line for fast food?

          • JDSoCal

            Both, as I am kind of stalking your mom, and she has the two jobs.

          • They allow middle-schoolers into strip clubs these days?

  • Seriously

    Recycling old news now … Left something unsaid year ago ?