Apple rumors

John Moltz:

At the risk of sounding like your prototypical hipster, today’s rumors just aren’t as good as they used to be. The devices that we hear whispers about now — a smartwatch, a television, a cheaper iPhone—seem lackluster compared to the rumored products of days past—products that, when they actually appeared, changed entire industries.

  • Earth shattering ideas are in short supply.

  • Canucker

    Wow! Lets blame Apple for not allowing rumor mongers to attract more hits on their web sites. Since each of those rumors is nothing more than speculation, doesn’t it reveal to vaporous nature of rumors (and those who live by them)? I much prefer a mono-syllaballic Yup/Nope from you know who. It’s the antidote/vaccine to rumorshite.

    • gjgustav

      Who blamed Apple?

      • Canucker

        Title and tone of Moltz article?

        • gjgustav

          Title was “The sad state of Apple rumors” – how do you get blame from that?

          As for the rest of it, sorry, it laid attribution of blame for past rumors, but I don’t see where it said it’s Apple’s responsibility to bring us new ones, or that it’s their fault there aren’t any. I read it more as a commentary that people put too much stock in rumors, or lack thereof. It was blaming us, if anyone.

          • Canucker

            Certainly the blame was spread but the emphasis is in the eye of the beholder. For example, Apple has run out of ideas as shown by even the rumors being banal – rather than rumors are nothing more than conjecture/speculation and artificial constructs.

        • Um…you do know who John Moltz is, don’t you?

  • Michael

    Seriously… spoiled have we become as a society?

  • Jay Ethridge

    The problem is that rumors are now coming from Financial analysts and supply chain leakers. These are guesses and extrapolations…not inside information.

  • Who guarantees that an iWatch or an iTV will not change the industry as the iPhone and iPad?

  • tyr

    I hate this constant chasing of The Next Big Thing. Imagine if people hounded Apple constantly to “innovate” after they brought the GUI to market with the Mac. Some things are just a once in a generation kind of thing.

  • Ron Miller

    What a ridiculous statement. What rumours of the past? I don’t remember anyone expecting Apple to change industries with the iPod, iPhone, or iPad any more than they do with a watch or TV. The ideas are revolutionary in hindsight.

  • Could it be that Tim Cook did “double down” on secrecy like he said he wanted to do?

  • JDSoCal

    Post useless without “yep” or “nope.”

    June iPhone release?

  • tylernol

    my theory on the lack of leaks on new products is that Apple is switching up the supply chain and moving more lines to the US, so rags such as Digitimes are cut off from their usual leak sources. No enclosure prototype leaks on the Mac Pro, or whatever it will be called , for example.

  • bibulb

    Well, ever since the one really GOOD rumors site went on hiatus, the rest of the rumor mill has suffered.

    (“Sexbots”. I’m just sayin’, we don’t get stuff like that anymore.)

  • He forgot about the infamous SPYMAC and their iWalk rumor – which after years of making fun of, turned out to be true. The iWalk sketches and the video they had (which was fake) looked a LOT like what a prototype iPod would have looked like.