I can’t believe this shit

The headline at the Motley Fool:

Samsung’s Mediocre S4 Reviews Are Bad News for Apple

This must be a joke, right? Not even Motley Fool are stupid enough to let that go on their site.


  • Motley Fool have a history of being silly like this. Stay away from them. Back away even further than Business Insider.

  • LMBO!!

  • Mother Hydra

    This article reads like it was written entirely in a vacuum, devoid of facts and supporting evidence.

  • This is insane. No one wants a “bigger screen”. Look at the iPhone sales, it CLEARLY shows that people want the smaller screens. 37 million or so people said that. And about that number said it last quarter. And the quarter before that. And BEFORE that. AND BEFORE THAT.

    Yes, Apple is NOT making as MUCH money as they used to per iphone/ipad, but they still are making boat loads of money. I bet if you look at the margins that Samsung has, it probably isn’t anywhere near what Apple, even the new “compressed margins”.

    This sort of “writing” shouldn’t be allowed. I cannot believe people like this actually are PAID for their articles.

    • Depends on who are paying them, right?

    • djbressler

      What does that say about the people who read them and believe them?

  • An addition is long list of morons who write…

    It shows insane heights of stupidity…

  • Fools… Its just Motley FOOL… You have been warned in advance… ; )~

  • tylernol

    Motley Fool. SEO crap since 1999 or something.

    • sincarne

      Nah, they were awesome until the funding dried up and they went partly for pay, which was about 2001. I was really active in the forums there until then, and they were almost all about the forums. I recently went back to check it out, and couldn’t believe how horrible they are now. I had to submit my email address to read an article, which of course lead to official BUY THIS HOT STOCK NOW emails.

      • tylernol

        I stand corrected. SEO crap since 2001 or so. 😉

  • grantsp

    Love the comments on the MF article – such hate being spewed between the iPhone/Android fans..

  • Oh my God! There was an earthquake eight minutes ago! Apple is doooooomed. OK, seriously, this people missed the distribution of intelligence 😀

  • The Motley Fool has about the same regard for Apple as Consumer Reports generally does. Which is a pity, because I remember when the Fool started out as a source of genuinely helpful information for beginners about investing.

    • Yeah I remember when the Fool was putting out (mostly) quality information and had a forum community that was informed and constructive. I just looked at the comments for this article and was appalled. It’s like reading the comments at mlb.com. They’ve suffered a total decline.

  • lucascott

    How does that illogic work?

    • They are trying to say high end phones are now a commodity so the iPhone is in trouble because they are high end.

  • the_other_stevejobs

    Apple is the new George Bush. Everything in the news is bad for them, even good things.

  • adrianoconnor

    To be fair, the point I got from that article was that while the various reviewers don’t especially like the S4, they are generally recommending the HTC One as an alternative rather than the iPhone 5. That’s what I thought they were saying the problem for Apple was. But I only skimmed the article. At best. And what do I know anyway? Nothing. That’s what.

  • Fraydog

    Commoditization is the problem here. As it becomes harder and harder to differentiate on higher end features, the market is going to become so super-competitve that Apple will not be able to make the profit margins they once did. That’s not an insult to Apple. That’s a reality given that consumers are entirely frustrated with the subsidy model of the carriers. That model is giving Apple the profits it has. If more US carriers shift away from subsidies, how many people are going to be content paying $650-$750 for a high end smartphone?