Feed Wrangler wants to take over from Google Reader

Great idea and I don’t mind paying for a service, but to be honest, having Reeder support is vital for me. Federico Viticci has a more in-depth look at the service.

  • lucascott

    Reeder support? Or do you mean (google) reader? Cause the later will be dead soon and I agree that anyone trying to take over that space should have conversion support, which this app does

  • Mother Hydra

    I’d like reeder to support the newsblur API, I’ve got plenty of friends in the service to keep track of now, and I can’t go back to the non-social google reader-alike that reeder supports. Such a shame too, I have reader on my iPad and iPhone but cannot use it anymore. Seems this paying customer’s requests don’t fit with their future strategy… whatever that is.

  • I never used Google Reader’s interface or app, but I have several apps on several platforms that used Google Reader as their back end. I will also happily pay for that kind of access. As long as the apps I use (Socialite, NetNewsWire, NewsRack, Flipboard) can access it. Feedbin is another option I just learned about.