Tor Books UK reports on going DRM-less, one year later

The move has been a hugely positive one for us, it’s helped establish Tor and Tor UK as an imprint that listens to its readers and authors when they approach us with a mutual concern—and for that we’ve gained an amazing amount of support and loyalty from the community. And a year on we’re still pleased that we took this step with the imprint and continue to publish all of Tor UK’s titles DRM-free.

Hey Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple – are you listening?

  • “Hey Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple – are you listening?”

    Hm, not that I would know… But are you sure it is them and not the publishers who demand DRM?

    • I know I have books on Kindle and iBooks (and I’m sure B&N has them too) that do not have DRM on them. You’re right it is a publisher choice.

      I guess it’s possible that a book platform (iBooks, Kindle, Nook) could say they won’t support DRM anymore and that would push all the publishers into it, but who knows if that’s wise and possible.

  • Sigivald

    To echo dreyfus – Amazon ships DRM-free books for Kindle right now.

    All the out-of-copyright stuff I’ve got via the Kindle store is DRM-free.

    I’m about 99.99% sure that Amazon doesn’t care if there’s DRM in commercial books in the Kindle store… but the publishers do.

    (Just like Apple now only sells DRM-free music; I’m sure they’d pressure the publishers to change just like they did Big Music if they thought they had the leverage.

    DRM systems are stupid hassle and overhead and annoy customers – retailers don’t want DRM.)

  • Apple sells DRM-free books, if the publisher wants DRM-free books. I’ve got a couple without DRM.