Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with half of its storage used

Russell Holly for

If you head to the Storage section of the Settings on a new Galaxy S4, you’ll find that only 8.82GB is available to the user. That’s the total space available to you, so applications that were pre-loaded by your carrier and anything you sync over during account creation will pull from that amount. The rest of that 16GB you can’t even see as the user — Android tells you that the phone only has 8.82GB total, entirely cutting out the space used by the system itself.


  • Maybe they shouldn’t have included everything plus the kitchen sink after all?

  • But it’s OPEN, you stupid iSheep!!!

    Good grief.

    • Yeah, open means you can nix those default apps pretty easily.

      • OR, they could just not put them on there to begin with, since a good majority of people probably don’t even realize you can delete things.

        These carriers are turning into the computer OEMs of the last few decades… loading their crap onto every machine they sell.

        • Agreed on them not putting extra apps on there and people not realizing how to delete those apps but your typical “open” sarcasm falls flat on its face, since open is what allows you to get rid of it (unlike iOS where you’re stuck with Apple’s 20+ default apps).

          This isn’t carrier crap, just Samsung: They added N new features so space increased, dramatically it seems.

          • Craig

            I know why you mean. I’d love to delete the ‘Phone’ app. Who needs that? 🙂

            At least iOS only takes up about 2GB on my iPhone vs. about 8GB on the S4.

          • Facetiousness becomes you. lol. (doesn’t help JimD’s argument though) 😉

            No one would delete Phone but I bet a lot would get rid of Newsstand. 😉

            Android only takes up 495MB until Samsung gets ahold of it and it takes up 1.1GB then add their crapware and boom(!!!)…~8 GB. I’ll say it again…ridiculous.

  • Deal breaker! That’s ridiculous. My S3 has 11.96 out of 16 plus the sd card so ~20 total but that’s still 1/4 of the storage taken up. Compare that to my Nexus 7 which has 13.24 available out of 16.

    Clearly Samsung is doing too much here. I’ll definitely have to reconsider an S4 purchase.

  • Domicinator

    Stay classy, Samsung. You’re really knocking it out of the park on this one.

  • pawhite524

    So this time Samsung copied the Surface tablet for a storage strategy? Apple is dooooomed if Samsung has stopped copying them for a MS product!

  • lucascott

    Not happy with copying Apple, now they are copying Microsoft too

  • Lukas

    On the plus side, you can pop a 64 gig MicroSD into the phone, and still come out ahead of any iPhone currently available.

    On the minus side, not every app will be able to use the external memory.

  • Path is lead by Surface…now cheap s4