On the shortcomings of digital calendars

I use Google Calendar, Apple’s Calendar app, and Fantastical to manage my schedule. In general, my calendaring is in the best shape it’s ever been in: My colleagues can see my free and busy times, and schedule me for meetings, and we can even reserve our office’s conference rooms, all using the same system.

And yet it all feels a bit pedestrian, like I’m really just using a computerized, networked version of a paper calendar. What’s missing are features that could turn my calendar into something more like a personal assistant.

Jason Snell brings up a lot of solid points about how digital calendaring in its current form really comes up short in a lot of ways.

  • Tim

    The title of this post says “cameras.”

  • I think the failure isn’t in the software, but in the ability of users to properly pace/manage themselves. Say no to some meetings. Insist on agendas and goals be sent out prior to meetings. Many times, the meeting can be avoided/resolved over email with 10 minutes time.