iPhone 5 beats Samsung in breakability tests

Comparing the Samsung Galaxy S4 to the S3 and Apple’s iPhone 5, the iPhone 5 was the clear winner.

Quality usually wins.

  • Lukas

    My Note II broke when it fell out of my car. I don’t have a high car. I have a roadster. It fell about ten inches, and the screen broke.

    With Apple, you’d get that fixed quite quickly. With Samsung, a broken phone is just the beginning of your troubles. First of all, you can’t send your phone in to them for repair. You have to go to the seller (good luck if you bought it second-hand — I once had to send a Samsung phone to a foreign repair shop who promptly lost the phone). Then, they’ll tell you where to send it, usually a fourth party. Send the phone in, and they tell you how much it’ll cost to fix it (fixing the Note II’s screen costs more than twice as much as an iPhone 4’s screen, by the way). Wait a few months, and hey presto, there’s your phone.

    With Apple, it’s much easier — and cheaper! In fact, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to fix your 4’s screen on your own, because there are so many places that sell these screens.