Game developer pranks software pirates

This is so great. Don’t steal, people.

  • What’s a little more ironic is the long thread of comments on Reddit that claim that this game is nothing more than a clone of Game Dev Story.

    • Mother Hydra

      sort of yes and no actually. Execution on the core concept is differentiated and then there is the whole platform difference and what that entails (controls etc)

  • Luděk Roleček

    It’s a Game Dev Inception! Studio that stole the game idea complains about pirates who complain about in-game pirates! Someone should make a movie about this (and steal a script for it from a writer).

    • If basic concepts were THAT worthy of protection, we’d all still be using CP/M. Or worse. 🙂

  • Mother Hydra

    So meta, I love it. The comments from people that pirated are classic! “Waaaah please help me overcome this crippling piracy problem” .

    Schadenfreude is delicious in the morning with some brown sugar on top. OOH! Brown sugar why do you taste so good! Sing with me now