Design and business

Doug van Spronsen writing about Ron Johnson and JCPenney:

I am not suggesting that great design isn’t effective, quite the contrary. But if the root cause of the issue is deeper, it might be better to start the strategy process a few layers back.

Great article and I agree. Selling iPhones, iPods and iPads is fairly easy because they are great products — the business side of things was working. Couple that with well-designed retail stores and you’ve got a winner.

  • Mother Hydra

    I’ve said this all along. Johnson brushed shoulders with greatness and a little rubbed off. He had none inside himself, which is why JCP went down like a rock under his command. Where are all the sycophants crying for him to come back to Apple?

  • “Design is not just the way it looks…” (To quote a certain famous guy) 😉

  • What’s great about this article? It just reads like some ad for his own agency, hanging on to any argument to say “hey, they failed, but since we know our stuff better than they did we won’t!”

    It’s easy to pick on design, because not a lot of people really understand what it is. Even among designers there isn’t a consensus about what it should be. But this article is just taking cheap shots at it. Great advertising, maybe.