Bollywood actor goes ‘Samsung Style’ for S4 launch in India

Samsung has earned something of a reputation for putting on unique and often rather cheesy live events to launch its new products. An example would be the Broadway-themed Galaxy S4 launch event in New York City. A recent effort from the phone’s Indian launch, however, takes things to a whole new level.

Watch the video. Then bleach your eyeballs and shove darning needles in your ears.

  • Lukas

    That was hilarious.

    On a slightly different note, why are we Apple users required to be so stuck up about fun stuff if it’s from Samsung? Whatever happened to “think different”? I miss the times when Apple was doing badly, but at least Mac users were awesome, open-minded people, instead of stuck-up grouchy curmudgeonly stock analysing Samsung bashing bores.

    • Herding_sheep

      Yea I know, remember when Apple was in bad shape and had to announce a partnership with Microsoft? Yea, the audience totally didn’t boo Bill Gates and the announcement of IE as the default Mac browser. And the Mac community totally didn’t boo that fact every single time Steve Jobs mentioned IE in keynotes for years after.

      The Apple community has always been an extremely passionate and loyal fanbase. Steve Jobs may have tried to quell the disdain for Microsoft in the early years, but it was all a show to keep MS happy and keep Office on the Mac. Hence why, as soon as their IE deal ended, that exact same year he announced Safari. And he not so subtly made jabs against IE when he announced it.

      • The tragedy was ,that the real news of that day– microsoft losing the patent battle and paying apple billions in royalties over the next several years- was overshowed by the spin that microsoft was “bailing out” apple. Good PR for BG, and I think SJ cared more about turning Apple around than the perception of being bailed out.

        Years later I’d hear from people that microsoft bought Apple… they were serious and argued with me when I told them this was not the case.

        As if buying $150M in restricted stock from a company with $3B in cash is “buying the company”.

        The thing is, most people are just ignorant and stupid.

      • Lukas

        Fair enough. I’ll note, though, two things:

        1. True, the most extreme of Mac users always had an unhealthy hatred for everything non-Apple. Usually, you wouldn’t find that in Mac publications, though, apart from one particular UK one.

        2. Apple was actually near death at the time, so some level of shrill panic and quasi-jingoistic rancor might have been understandable. Not anymore. Apple is the one of the world’s biggest corporations. It’s about time we stopped protesting about how evil and stupid and mean everybody else is.

    • Because the “fun” stuff from Samsung always shows that they have no taste and no humility.

      Their broadway show?! Their Anti-Apple ads commercials on TV?

      And those spots didn’t even ridicule their competitor, Apple – they ridiculed Apple’s customers, the “iSheep camping in a line for a product without any changes”…

      • Lukas

        Have you ever seen a Bollywood movie? This isn’t “tasteless”, it’s just not what you’re used to.

        Also, as somebody who has pretty much only used Apple computers since the early 90s, Samsung’s anti-Apple ads were hilarious. You can find tiny differences all you want, but back in the real world, the simple fact is that you’re no better than the PC users whining about Apple’s “I’m a Mac” ads.

      • EDIT: Okay, i just watched the Samsung vs. iPhone-Wedding commercial and while it ridicules some users of those company’s devices – it does so in an extremely exaggerated way that makes it funny instead of a kind of insult.

        Who would have thought that CLICK Microsoft DANCEDANCEDUBSTEPDANCE would be able to create a better commercial with a focus on fanboys than Samsung?

  • jo jo
    1. This kind of thing happens with every blockbuster Indian movie.
    2. Gunganam style dancing was already in Indian movies 20 years ago. several examples can be found in youtube.
    3. You ear would bleed if you didn’t understand Hindi lyrics.
    4. Every brand in India has movie star as a brand ambassador.

    5. May be you heard of parody.

    • kibbles

      this was not parody. it was imitation. i wish it was immolation.

  • Semi-serious but mostly off topic question: Why does everything coming out of India have absolutely horrendous audio quality – even their biggest blockbuster films? Are there no audio engineers over there?

    • Vaibhav Patle

      It’s a video someone took from cell phone and uploaded on youtube. Not much audio/video quality can be expected out of it. Type “Bollywood HD” on Youtube and there are tons of quality contents out there.

      There is even a movement to revive old songs from 70s and 80s and make them HD.

      So in short, yes there are quality audio/video engineers in India and it would be remiss to judge whole Bollywood based on one unprofessional youtube clip.

  • That dude nailed every move. Gotta respect that performance, it was quite excellent and he sold it perfectly.

    It’s samsung’s fault they gave him stupid things to say, and of course they are the epitome of clueless corporate suits.

    But given what he had to work with, his performance was perfect.

    And that alone elevates it above the material.

    • Scruff0

      Agreed. The guy has talent – but the hacks who trashed the lyrics deserve to be beating with a Galaxy Note II.

  • My disdain against anything relating to Bollywood or even simply bares resemblance to Bollywood (such as the above clip) is justified. Every one of my friends of Indian origins have the same complains. But don’t take my word for it, I’ll let an Indian tell you so:

  • Thanks a LOT, Peter. Now I’m blind.

  • I prefer the campaign for Fruity Oaty Bars.

  • I live in India.. Love Apple… And it is amazing to see these cheap acts sells .. In here a large community is of those morons… That’s why Samsung sells largest amount of phones in India…

    Cheap cheap cheap act..

  • tyr

    The pundits were right, Apple is no longer cool. Just look at this up and coming young company with their hip topical references.