Noteness: A Multiple Sclerosis diary App for iPhone

Notness is a modern, fast and easy to use Multiple Sclerosis diary App for iPhone and iPod Touch. Noteness is tailored to the requirements of a MS-Diary and goes without unnecessary gimmicks.

The app was written by Martin Hartl, a 21-year-old from Germany, who suffers from MS.

  • Christobel

    I too have MS. On the App Store, this app is in German. Is there an English translation?

    • I’m the developer behind the app, and totally forgot about the english screenshots, sorry for that. At you can have a look at english ones. The whole app is translated 🙂 Wish you the best!

      • My Dad had MS and introduced me to computers when I was 5. He’d love this, and would be happy to see how far computers have come.

      • Christobel



    There was a article in sciencenews dot org titled “The Power of D” from Last August in which a table of vitamin d level in the blood from around the world was given.

    African American with MS – 12 ng/ml Men in Finland – 13 ng/ml Vielled Tunisian Women – 14 ng/ml Healthy Black Childen in South Africa – 37 ng/ml Elderly people in Florida taking 2000 IU daily – 43 ng/ml

    So healthy number is between 20 and 40 nanograms per liter.

    So being afraid of the Sun that Cholesterol People and Skin Cancer people have scared you into getting an autoimmune disease.


      actually the article is

      By Nathan Seppa

      Web edition: July 1, 2011 Print edition: July 16, 2011; Vol.180 #2 (p. 22)


    Low levels of vitamin D through pregnancy and early childhood might increase the rise of food allergies, asthma and even multiple sclerosis. MS is more common in those born in the northern hemisphere in May – following winter – than those born in November. vitamin D deficiency in critical periods of development may increase intestine permeability, meaning the immune system is inappropriately exposed to food allergens. Vitamin D interacts with genes at over 2776 sites on the human genome, including those linked to asthma and diabetes.