Most amazing computer training video ever

Seriously, one stunning revelation after another.

[Via GeekTyrant]

  • sadface

    “And nothing even blew up”

    I’m disappointed 🙁

  • Ventzi Zhechev

    Just imagine her when she gets her first Mac…

  • Easy and fun.

  • I’ve always wondered where I should place my fingers on the mouse. Now I know.

    • BC2009

      And it looks just like a real mouse!

  • matthewmaurice

    I’d never heard of this woman before. She’s amazingly bad! And apparently still is. Her website is exactly as much of a hot mess as you’d expect.

  • zomg

    kim kommando? wow, i was really thinking this was the intro to a bad 80s porn, but it turns out DOS is easy!

  • kibbles

    hey, say what you will, but her last name is “Komando” and shes still pretty hot:

    • BC2009

      She looks better now than back then.

    • dshan

      Dude, she’s had work done to look like that. Lots of work… (or a daughter perhaps!)

      • kibbles

        you’re her surgeon?

  • BC2009

    I’m struggling with where to put those things that are just like the VHS tapes we put in a VCR. I cannot find the proper slots on my computer.

  • bobbcobb

    I’m disappointed in you Jim. The video is nothing more than out-of-context quotes to make it sound worse than it really is. You should know better than anyone how new users took to computers back in the early 90s. Some of the younger people commenting here just don’t have a clue.

    • I’ll be 53 in a couple of months. This video is condescendingly bad, regardless of its intended audience.

      • For a second there it reminded me of this:

      • kibbles

        to be fair youd have to watch it natively, not snipped out of context. i didnt find it offensive nor do i think the ’80s newbs its designed for would find it condescending.

  • You have to remember the context of this video, at a time when GUIs were new, and many people were afraid of computers. People are still afraid of computers and new devices–even the iPad. I know many new users that need to be continually reminded that they can’t break something or that it is okay to make mistakes.

    David Pogue once said, “We geeks tend to forget that the majority of people in the world aren’t geeks.” So, enjoy the video, get a chuckle–and then sadly remember that are are people who used to think that an ejectable CD ROM drive was actually a beverage holder, and that technicians still need to ask, “Have you turned the computer on?”

    • In the mid-80s I got a job at a place that had a Lisa. I was in heaven. But the office manager was terrified of it so it just sat there unused. I got her to turn it on and start using it. If she was typing and saw that she made a mistake three lines ago, she would backspace over the three lines to delete the mistake then retype it all. That’s how normal people interacted with computers back then.

      Who here remembers the book “The Mac is Not a Typewriter”?

  • Terry Maraccini

    Computers can do all that? And so easy… Where can I get one?

  • ACureuil

    Is she REALLY not wearing underwear?

  • albertkinng

    Explaining Windows today is the same as complicated as yesterday. LOL

  • Great find! Leaving out the DOS references and the floppies I know many technophobes with computers that this would still be way over their heads.

    She is no Leo LaPorte, but I hear Kim Komando on the radio occasionally these days and for basic users she’s OK. Obviously, most folks reading The Loop and other tech sites are not tuning into her website for the latest news and tips.

  • lucascott

    I just can’t look away from that hair.

  • EVula

    “With a program called Microsoft Windows, it makes it easy and fun to use a computer.”

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the last time this was said by anyone, ever.

  • Mother Hydra

    Kim reminds me of a professional voice guy- speaks from cue-cards not from knowledge Sorta like a local “tech expert” on our AM radio here- Michael Garfield. These two never let their ignorance on a subject preclude them from holding an expert opinion.