MacBook Pro named top performing Windows laptop

That has to hurt.

  • The old MacBook Pro was also crowned ‘fastest Vista laptop’ by PCWorld in 2007. (3rd image)

    “…the MacBook’s score is far more impressive simply because Apple couldn’t care less whether you run Windows.”

  • Yeah, Microsoft is “winning”… =D

    • MS doesn’t make hardware. I’m sure they’re more than happy when a Mac user purchases a Windows license. Win for both Apple and MS.

      Now Dell, HP, etc…

      • Fair point, at least as far as the PC market is concerned. The Surface is another story entirely…

  • This is the primary reason I really need to upgrade my Dell to a Macbook. The sleep and hibernation modes under PC laptops need minutes, sometimes 10 or more, in order for the laptop to be fully awake and usable. Watching co-workers open the lids of their Macbooks and be working instantly makes me green with envy.

    • Yannick Wicherts

      I also have a Dell laptop and it boots in 10 seconds, So you don’t necessarily have to upgrade to a laptop just for that issue.

      • Yannick Wicherts

        *upgrade to a macbook

      • I’d like to think that, but I’ve seen the Creeping Windows Paralysis affect every PC I’ve ever owned. No matter how fast initially they all noticeably slowed over time.

  • Have you seen a MacPro running Windows?

    No, you haven’t, it’s way too fast to see it.

  • Jimh

    Looking at how they did their evaluation, you see the first three items are crashes, hangs, BSOD. Funny, when running OSX on my MacBook Pro, I might have a crash or issue perhaps once or twice a year. Their measurements for windows are per week. So this also says something not only for the quality of the hardware but also the OS and the apps running.

    • Extensive legacy support is a heavy load to carry.

    • Liviu

      In 2 years of Win7, I never had a crash.

  • I’m not sure who this hurts?

    • Acer, Dell, and Lenovo. Microsoft is happy to have Mac owners buy a Windows license.

  • All the manufacturers are happy to blame Windows 8 for their failures instead of admitting that their hardware sucks.

  • Ouch!