The CNN circus

Elliot Hannon:

If we cared more about the journalism than news theater we’d all be watching PBS. But no one’s talking about NewsHour. There are no meltdowns. The circus, itself, becomes the point — the reason to watch. Youtube videos go viral precisely because they are unexpected, unvarnished — embarrassing. This is CNN.

And there you have it folks. He’s exactly right.

  • I miss Ted Turner.

  • JDSoCal

    Maybe liberals would all be watching PBS. It’s idea of a “Republican” is David Brooks.

    • Actually, liberals do all watch PBS. Not sure what the article had to do with politics, though.

      • JDSoCal

        The implication of the quote is that somehow PBS is some oracle of news. Hardly. Liberal bias up the ying yang.

        • The ol’ facts = liberal bias argument.

          • JDSoCal

            Right, Gwen Ifil plays it straight down the middle, LOL. And David Brooks is a conservative. #yeahright