Samsung’s dirty tricks

Philip Elmer-DeWitt posted a story about Samsung paying people to talk shit about Apple, then this happened.

  • Pathetic. Samsung is joke and so are the American sheep who love them. Buy American!

    • Tvaddic

      Please don’t start that argument, Samsung has more employees in the US than Apple. And even if Apple is an American company most of its money is overseas, leaving a small amount for Apple to pay in taxes, for us “Americans”

      • Techpm

        Source on staff numbers? Plus you do know Samsung’s US plant mostly makes processors for Apple, right?

        As for “small amout” try $6 billion paid by Apple in US taxes last year.

      • tylernol

        can you back that up with numbers?

      • Yep.

        Edit: My original comment was not in regards to the # of employees but in regards to Apple doing the majority of its work outside of the US.

      • LTMP

        I’m with you on the buy American part, but I would be extremely surprised if Samsung has more employees in the US than Apple.

      • Tvaddic

        In 2011 Samsung had 21.5K US employees while Apple has 50.25K currently. The numbers should get closer because Apple is focusing on outside the US, and Samsung is focusing on inside the US, and Samsung’s Best Buy deal.

  • I didn’t expect it would take long after the news about HTC surfaced for more speculation along those lines to begin…

    • Techpm

      If you read Philips’s article you’ll see the facts already started popping up well before the HTC news, with Samsung advertisers posing as users outside the US.

  • tylernol

    shocked, SHOCKED, I say!

  • I find Jake’s comments interesting in that he painted Samsung as an Apple-viewed company, in a way: “…Samsung is not generally well liked by the Korean people, who are outraged, for example, at the high prices the company charges in local markets for their products…”

    That’s interesting. Either way, I don’t care for corporate warfare, no matter who the players may be, and halfway wish there was some regulations around such antics. I do wish Phillip had a bit more than speculation though.

    I believe your products should speak for themselves. If I have to mention a competitor to make a buck, I lost. (truth I live by in all of my work)