iTunes dominates digital music and video downloads

Apple dominates the home digital-video sector, in much the same way it dominates digital music. iTunes’ share of electronic sell-through (EST) for television shows reached 67 percent in 2012. EST television sales from Xbox Video, Apple’s nearest competitor, comprised 14 percent of the market. When it comes to feature-length movies, iTunes boasted a 65 percent share of EST, with Amazon and Xbox Video far behind at 10 percent each.

It’s not even close.

  • EVula


  • Tvaddic

    Too be fair this study doesn’t include streaming services, some area reporting if Netflix was added Apple would be at 5%.

    • Tvaddic

      In 2011 Samsung had 21.5K US employees while Apple has 50.25K currently. The numbers should get closer because Apple is focusing on outside the US, and Samsung is focusing on inside the US, and Samsung’s Best Buy deal.

    • Billy Razzle

      They also don’t compare Pandora or Spotify with iTunes music.

  • Wow. I would have expected others to be closer.

    I wonder how Amazon Prime affects their share, seeing as they give away thousands of videos for free that you’d have to pay for otherwise.

    I found Vudu being up there interesting too. They seem to be more expensive the majority of the time for rentals (I usually use Amazon or Google Play, which is most likely lumped in Other; LMBO).

    Good info Jim. Thx for posting this as this is all news to me (never looked at these #’s).