Apple journalism is bad

Ian Betteridge:

Gewirtz may be a brilliant example of anti-journalism, but he’s really just a symptom of how low technology journalism has sunk, and how the average pageview-hungry “anti-journalist” treats readers with contempt.

Ian is a long time journalist with a lot of respect in the industry, including mine.

  • rattyuk

    Spot on.

  • David, on the other hand, is an obnoxious jackass who is so blatant about trolling Apple users that we had to ban him from Angry Mac Bastards.

  • Michael

    Its not just tech journalism….it’s the industry as a whole. The days of someone reporting hard news are over and we’re left with a world of cable news and blogs that are driven solely by advertising revenue. The race to the extreme cannot be won fast enough these days.

  • There really are no 100% on tech journalists these days.

    Real journalism — poke until you find the truth and report it no matter who it upsets — just doesn’t happen much. Mostly because poking gets you absolutely nowhere.

    These days, reports see through first and foremost their biases; the best stick to interpreting reality through that bias, and don’t hide that bias. The worst make up shit as they go.

    This is not meant to offend you, Jim. You do true journalism as well as anyone, and better than the vast majority, that’s for sure. 🙂

    • kibbles

      i love the blog but this isnt really journalism. it’s an op-ed blog.