The anti-Apple campaign

Philip Elmer-Dewitt takes a look at who’s behind the Apple-bashing. There are certainly others, like the WSJ, but this is a good start.

  • You could say the same about Google, Blackberry, etc. They all have an “anti-____” campaign.

    This is just ridiculous though: “They are not friends of Apple, and they don’t have the company’s best interests at heart.”

    I prefer non-biased news from people who are not friends or enemies of the companies they are reporting on, in most cases. Now, some are taking it more to the enemy stage, I agree, but still.

    • While there are certainly haters for all companies, it has less to do with who’s “anti” Apple and more about generating page views. Saying something about Apple is good for SEO – saying something incendiary/negative = mucho eyeballs. Dan Lyons actually touched upon this recently, claiming the reason he wrote so much garbage about Apple was for page views.

      • I don’t disagree with that point but would say the same for Google. I explained this “link bait” to Jim as a bother of mine when he used to report “Google did _____ vs Apple” when it was Motorola.

        Link bait happens for sure and Apple is taking some crazy heat, considering their success, but it isn’t anything new. Some company is always taking heat in this manner. Apple is just the flavor of the day.

        Edit: (rephrased the 2nd sentence)

        • kibbles

          for the past 15 years.

          • Not nearly as much as now but I do agree they have had haters, as does everyone else, for years.

          • kibbles

            if you dont think the amount of anti-apple press over the years, despite resounding success after success, is unusual, then i cant help you. it isnt the same as any other company. not by a long shot.

  • This Anti-Apple sentiment these days is unprecedented.

  • Samsung has admitted to paying people to post anti-Apple BS. They even pay sales people to push Samsung devices over Apple. It wouldn’t be a surprise if these idiot bloggers are also being compensated by Samsung. Samsung is a pathetic Korean company.

    • poet1

      Actually they admitted to paying for anti-LG posts in Taiwan. That said, I would not be surprised to learn they are doing the same to Apple.

  • satcomer

    It is getting so frequent with the Apple Bashing articles it is starting me to think Sunsung is so how behind all of this.

  • Slurpy2k12

    Reading this shit made me simulatneously rage, and want to vomit. It’s beyond disgusting. These analysts, who since the beginning have been mocking, dogging, and undermining Apple at every step now see an opportunity to swoop down like vultures and harm the company as much as possible. Apple’s fudamentals right are better than at any time in its history, and certainly much better than when Cook took the reigns- their performance, in every metric, has frankly been phenomenal. But some narrow-minded, malicious dipshits are unable to separate performance from stock value, and blame Cook as if he can single-handedly control the stock price which has shown complete disconnection from the company’s actual health.

    A question I’ve always posed to those asking for Cook’s head and lobbying for his ouster, is who they would rather see at the helm. I’ve never gotten a single response, beyond “anyone but Cook”. This makes it clear how little these people have thought anything through, in that they would prefer some random person come and take over as CEO to replace someone who has been hand-picked by Jobs, and more importantly, has been instrumental in Apple’s success, as well as knowing intimately what has made the company so successful and the DNA of the company. But yeah, let’s fire him and get someone from the outside, something that’s obviously worked SO well in the past- no doubt the stock will instantly shoot up $300 “just because”. These people have no interest in seeing Apple do well- they’re just orgasmic over the prospect of finally being able to drive the company into the ground and saying “I told you so”. They wouldn’t be able to aknowledge an insanely well run company if it bit them in the ass. They would not hesitate to liquidate Apple if that meant some short term gains for them.

  • HowmaNoid

    It’s about making money by manipulating the stock. It’s illegal and the SEC should act if it wasn’t asleep at the wheel all the damn time