“Weeping Tim Cook Spotted Screaming For Help At Steve Jobs’ Tombstone”

The Onion:

Eighteen months after the death of his mentor, Apple CEO Tim Cook was seen Wednesday pounding the tombstone of company founder Steve Jobs and begging for guidance in his leadership of what was once the largest corporation in the history of the world. “What the hell do I do?!” a hysterical Cook reportedly shrieked, clawing alternately at the grave marker and his own face.

I laughed.

  • Domicinator

    I know I should have a sense of humor about it, but I actually did NOT laugh. The reverse reality distortion field is now in full effect when The Onion is lampooning Apple for not having released a world changing new product since 2010. In the decades long history of Apple, they’ve only released a handful of game changing products.

    It would be funnier if the Onion made fun of the media outlets and bloggers that are all getting it so completely wrong.

    • Re-read the last line. Pretty sure that’s exactly what they’re doing.

  • The final line of it made me laugh out loud.

  • Wonder when the wsj will report this as real news.