Straight Talk owner sees big jump after iPhone sales begin

Kevin Fitchard, GigaOM:

TracFone, the country’s largest prepaid virtual operator, managed to outdo its impressive holiday performance in the usually tepid first quarter. It added 839,000 new subscribers to its total, more than the 753,000 it added in the fourth quarter and 127 percent more than its 369,000 net additions in last year’s Q1. TracFone even beat out mobile giant Verizon Wireless, which grew by 720,000 new subscribers last quarter.

Apple is doomed. The iPhone isn’t cool anymore.

(Related: We resurrected my old iPhone 4 with a Straight Talk SIM this past quarter. My wife uses it now, and she’s quite happy with the service – for $45 per month.)

  • DT

    My wife’s old 4 is now doing “iPod Touch” duty with our little girl. Works great on WiFi only, no SIM (so no calls, no monthly), she can watch movies, play games, Facetime/iMessage with her Granny and Cousins, has a blast taking photos, listening to music … awesome way to utilize an old iPhone.

    Also in an amazing Hello Kitty case 😀

    • We gave our nephew my husband’s old 3G, and we stepped him up to the 4 this past Christmas. His sister got the 3G. Same deal: no SIM, no Internet, they just play games, watch cartoons & take pictures. LOTSA pictures. And their mom manages via iTunes.

  • tylernol

    mine still works fine, it exists as a dev target and as a music player for my car.