45 days in with a MacBook Pro with Retina Display

James Kendrick, ZDNet:

I am very pleased with the purchase and how the MacBook Pro has handled desktop duty. It works better than I expected with no shortfalls.

Kendrick got the 13-inch model, and if you haven’t seen it up close, it’s a really delightful and very powerful machine. It’s also lightweight compared to its non-Retina counterpart.

I just got a 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display this week, and it’s a truly awesome machine.

  • Dennis Madrid

    Congrats on the new 15″ Retina MacBook Pro! I’ve been a happy Retina MacBook Pro owner since July of last year and the screen still amazes me each day. It’s absolutely worth it.

  • i too have the 13″ retina. it replaced an obnoxious 11″ air – my first #applefail (overheated when idle: all the time). i’m at about three or four months and still pleased. my missus’ employer got her a 15″ retina. i like the smaller machine much better.

  • Slurpy2k12

    I’m extremely content with my 2012 MBA, but will gladly upgrade once they come out with a retina version. I’m trying to avoid the new MBPs as I dont want the screen to sour me on my current machine.

  • ToSwede

    I was aghast when they discontinued the 17″ model that had been my main machine for years. Turned out that the 15″ retina MBP was an awesome replacement when resolution is set to maximize screen estate.