Windows revenue flat

Nathan Ingraham, The Verge:

As for its Windows division, it’s a similar story — revenues of $5.7 billion are up 23 percent year-over year, but adjusted revenues to the upgrade offer take into account lower revenues to $4.6 billion (flat year-over-year).

  • That kind of happens when you go from a $39 price to $100+. People don’t want to pay that much for an upgrade.

    • I don’t think price is the only problem. I think people not only want a modest price, they want a modest change. You change your design a lot by tackling the problems you see just a few at a time.

      I think Lion proved that. Almost every change was positive, but even at its modest price people still complained. It was too much all at once. Released more gradually, it would have done better.

      • Yeah, it can be jarring. Everyone I ask is content with XP, or whatever, after they hear the price as most of them don’t know about the changes. They always ask “what’s new?”

        • If I were still a Windows user, I would be content with XP except for their browser/security issues.

          As such, I might move to Windows 7. It’s an improvement, but also a regression in many ways. But not to Windows 8.

          That’s a really bad state for Windows to be in. It’s like the broken window… oh, I’d better not go there. Too pun-like.

          • I’m like one of the few I know that actually like Windows 8. lol.

  • Mother Hydra

    Don’t forget Xbox continues to lose money hand over fist (also reported today). Windows Phone? Its just a “well-funded startup” aka investing tons of money hoping for break even. Or, as normal folks like to say, losing money. This worrisome trend, combined with an Office-less future is making Ballmer look pretty bad.

  • I’m actually feeling bad for Microsoft. Somebody take a picture of my face, please.

    • Mother Hydra

      strange times we live in. I never thought I’d be rooting for Windows Phone but here we are.

      • Right? I actually want them to make Google worry a bit. My world doesn’t make sense any more.

  • delighted to say that i’ve purged m$windows from my home and professional life. now if only i could dump m$office life would be perfect.