Windows Phone chief trash-talks Apple

“With Apple, I sense a lack of urgency,” said Myerson. “When iOS 5 came out and there was a fifth row of icons and not much else, you say, okay, are they running out of steam, is iOS getting boring?”

iOS 5? Fifth row of icons? Way to stay on top of things, Myerson. You’re keeping a sharp eye on the competition, that’s for damn sure.

Maybe the guy whose products are staring at BlackBerry’s butthole should just keep his head down until he’s got something to be cocky about.

  • epic!!! LOL

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    • So you think the statement would be accurate if he said iPhone 5?

      You’re wrong.

  • Yeah, and Windows Phone is just a wild success. That’s exactly why in the last year where I work, we have sold one HTC 8X when we average at least thirty smartphones a week. Oh, and that 8X was exchanged a week later for, oh…an iPhone 5. Ouch. Sorry about that, Microsoft.

    • quietstorms

      WP loses because the two platforms have been set for the future in the minds of consumers. MS has no place inthat future unless they take a leap ahead which they’re not capable of doing.

      However, let’s be honest here. Scott Forstall didn’t get fired because he couldn’t get along with Ive or he didn’t sign the Maps apology memo. He got fired because he wasn’t doing his job well enough. This is coming from someone who does appreciate what Forstall did.

      All I use are Apple products but iOS 6 was a disappointment. I’ve seen more significant improvements on the Mac the past two years than iOS.

      • iOS 6 was much bigger than you realize, but mostly in ways that are still being realized by developers. For instance, Apple’s (probably) been using the collection view for years. With iOS 6, third party developers can use it too. And that’s huge. But some of us (including me) won’t use it yet, because we’re still worried (wrongly, I think) about supporting iOS 5 devices.

        Not every release brings a massive amount of features. Some are all about fixing the plumbing.

  • Mother Hydra

    This coming on the heels of the revelation that Windows Phone and Surface are viewed as well-funded startups?! The mind boggles, what is Microsoft doing? I’m no fanboy but this is just bizarre.

    • tylernol

      well if Microsoft is throwing a bunch of ISO’s and cash bonuses(which is what I would do if I were managing the project) at the developers working on it, it can be viewed as ~kind-of~ a startup, especially if they also insulate it from the large-company culture that has plagued Microsoft for years. Windows phone is really nice. However, the folks I know who had it returned it because it did not integrate well or at all with anything else.

      • Mother Hydra

        I get where you’re coming from and this is likely what he was getting at. Except that the bickering and infighting absolutely had a negative effect on things like Windows Phone – office MUST come to the surface before any other touch device. And other such nonsense.

        We couldn’t make WP work in an all-windows environment so that should say all you need to know right there. Major step back in terms of management infrastructure and overall usefulness to my users. We too had people returning windows phone devices, usually 3-5 days after daily use. Funny aside, all the people forced to use an Android phone for the last two years have upgraded in droves to iPhone 5’s to the chagrin of my Galaxy totin’ phone deployment person.

  • Trash-talk has always been part of their playbook. Fewer people care now.

    • Mother Hydra

      this is true. I guess I’ve grown used to ignoring it over the years.

  • Mother Hydra

    With regard to his comment, I like the familiarity that iOS exudes. I watch co-workers move from iPads to iPhones with ease, they already know the interface. This can’t be said of other systems. I can’t state how important that muscle memory becomes. Why should Apple change what arguably isn’t broken in response to criticisms that the iOS look is no longer fresh and new. Well of course it isn’t! We’ve had the same best of breed smartphone OS for 6 years and some interface elements were knocked out of the park right at the start.

    You know what they say: Those in glass houses shouldn’t put Windows Phone down their trousers. I made that up.

    • tylernol

      exactly, Apple should not re-do the iOS interface just because hack journalists and analysts are bored with it. If it works, dont change it, it will just alienate people accustomed to it. Just keep improving it. If iOS 7 brings in better inter-app communication API’s (native apps already seem to be using a new framework for this on iOS6) and if Ive polishes up some of the interface styling, it should be golden.

    • Herding_sheep

      People don’t seem to think rationally anymore. Look what happened now when Microsoft changed just ONE element on the traditional tried-and-true desktop and got rid of the start menu. It confused the hell out of the average users who just want to USE their computers the way they’ve always worked.

      It wouldn’t be any different for Apple. When you have something that 400+ million customers currently use and are happy with, any little change is going to risk an uproar. Maybe they could change the visual aesthetic, but to change how the OS operates just for the sake of “new” would be downright silly, and thats not how a wise designer thinks about products. Dieter Rams would probably roll his eyes at the idea of changing something for changesake.

      • Mother Hydra

        Yep, you’ve distilled their problem down expertly. I believe this rolls back into the crux of what is wrong with Microsoft lately: corporate culture (infighting).

  • “staring at BlackBerry’s butthole” should have been the title of this post. It should also be the name of an indie rock single.

  • Doctorossi

    “Staring at BlackBerry’s butthole” – love it!

  • CapnVan

    Ah, leave him alone. He just needs new pants.

    After all, you know what Confucius said: “Man with hole in pocket feel cocky all day.”

  • GTWilson

    If anyone is feeling a sense of urgency, it should be Microsoft. At this point, the only way they can guarantee they show up mobile market share graphs is if they change their name to ‘other’.