Usage stats suggest Chromebooks are a dismal failure

In its first week of monitoring worldwide usage of Google’s Chrome OS, NetMarketShare reported that the percentage of web traffic from Chromebooks was roughly 2/100 of 1 percent, a figure too small to earn a place on its reports.

Apple is doomed. Wait, what?

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      • Careful, guys. Sooner or later someone’ll post so many Os it’ll break word wrapping for us all. 🙂

  • We received a Chromebook as a Christmas gift from a client. After trying to pawn it off on relatives — we got a lot of “No, I have an iPad, what would I do with that?” — we decided to use it as just an internet portal in one room. It’s junk. Like, utter junk. (And I use Chrome often on the Mac, and am not a Google hater.) The keyboard is awful, the screen is awful, the whole thing just feels like a cheap, repurposed netbook. It’s a couple hundred dollars cheaper than an iPad, but if feels a thousand dollars cheaper. With every touch of that miserable keyboard, you just keep thinking, “This would be SO much better on an iPad.”


    Netbook is dead. That is why Google is trying to fuse Android with Chrome. That is why Mr. Rubin got the boot.

    • I totally read that as “NetBSD is dead” somehow.

  • Will

    I’m 99.999% sure this is pure absolute bullshit, or a huge error.

    Very reliable and trustworthy browser stats sites like StatCounter, and even Wikipedia’s browser stats, show Chrome browser usage (just the browser) going up and up and up every month (and dominating for a good while now), IE tending to go down and down and down, and Firefox gently tumbling down as presumably more people swap to Chrome. The site with this Chromebook stat, NetMarkShare, has IE at 60%(!!!) of browser market share, Chrome and Firefox at 20% and Chrome even slightly tumbling under Firefox.

    That’s just the Chrome browser, not Chrome OS, but it does point out a huge step away from pretty much the given of browser market share. But the Samsung Chromebook, has been number 1 on Amazon’s best selling laptop list pretty much solidly since it came out in the US and the UK. As well as the other Acer Chromebook being in the top 5 or top 10. A laptop being the current number 1 seller in many places worldwide on Amazon for half a year, and according to them it’s taking 0.02% of web traffic? Really?

    TL;DR: I don’t think NetMarketShare can be trusted. The facts don’t add up at all.

    • OpticDisc

      Of course, if netmarketshare had said “Chrome OS has a 2% market share” you would have said it was totally reliable. :/ Chrome OS is different than just the browser.

  • How sad that an Internet-Only device isn’t used much for internet.

  • I think the problem with the Chromebooks is that the majority of people that buy them have unreasonable expectations as to what they are useful for. Personally I’ve been using a Series 3 from Samsung to do remote development work in PHP on a cloud hosting system and its been just fine. Most things just work and with Crouton you can get things that you need to run under a regular Linux system up pretty easily.