‘Iron Man 3 to get smell-enhanced screenings in Japan’

Angela Watercutter:

That’s right: Japan is getting Iron Man 3 in smell-o-vision. It’s not actually called “smell-o-vision” – that’s so last century – but according to The Hollywood Reporter the film will be shown in a theater in Nagoya in 4DX. This “fourth dimension” experience will offer wind, fog, tilting seats, and odor effects. It’s unclear exactly what the smells themselves will be, but if Tony smells like his Diesel-made eau de wiseass, it wouldn’t be the worst thing ever.

Why? Why, for the love of all that is holy? Whyyyyy?

  • I’m going to japan to see this movie now!

  • lucascott

    The Japanese culture loves this kind of stuff.

    I don’t mind it coming over here so long as I know it’s happening in advance, there are theatre’s not doing it so I have a choice and I don’t have to pay extra either way.

  • Daniel

    Presumably Iron Man smells mostly like vodka and bourbon?

  • Dave Brandt

    John Waters released a picture in Odorama many years ago. Yep, he observed folks in audiences smelling the shit.

  • Desperation to shore up theater ticket sales.

  • Dave Brandt

    “This is Odorama!!”


    Eventually, any great parody turns into documentary.

  • satcomer

    Seems like what was old is new again in the movie industry. First was 3D now Smell-O-Vision.

  • mmm…. Pepper.

  • The theatre will smell like a shorted transformer for the duration of the movie.