Fiat readies EV version of 500

Damon Lavrinc, Wired:

All of these EVs are an uninspiring mishmash of an existing model with a hastily engineered electric drivetrain stuffed inside. You could say the same about the 500e. But you’re wrong. By slapping an electric motor up front and a battery pack from stem to stern, Fiat has managed to make the 500 better than its gas-powered siblings. And here’s the kicker: After spending a day with one, I can say it’s arguably a better value.

I’m still not ready to put up with the compromises of an EV vehicle, but Fiat is making the experience much less painful than before.

  • Gavin McKeown

    It’s just a shame you won’t be able to buy the e500 anywhere but California. They’re only going to import the bare minimum they have to to get through the new federal regulations. EVs would make sense in a lot of urban settings, not just in CA.

  • kvh

    Yeah, i live in Kansas City and would love to have one. My longest drive is around 80 miles and I make that infrequently as is. My car is 10 years old and just rolled over 60,000 miles.