Asymco: Apple makes more profit from Macs than top 5 PC makers combined

Horace Dediu:

If this estimate is considered then the operating profits from PC operations imply that Apple generates more profit than all the top 5 PC vendors combined.

Some assumptions here, but Dediu is right that PC manufacturing has been a low-margin market for many years, except for Apple, so it’s not surprising that there would be this much of a disparity.

  • That’s kind of easy to do with high margins and no other Mac competitor.

    • And perhaps a product that’s also significantly differentiated from the rest of the pack.

      • Yeah, thought that was understood.

        • Not always. Too often the “high margins” issue is cited by people who also accuse Apple of overpricing for gear that isn’t significantly better in any way.

    • kibbles

      every other PC maker is a mac competitor. mac is a PC, dell makes PCs, HP makes PCs, Samsung makes PCs, Acer makes PCs, etc..

      windows-PCs are the definition of mac-PC competitors.

      • Somewhat, yes. They are PC competitors but they do not have another competitor selling Macs. If they did, things would be different and possibly the same as the Windows PC market (cut throat pricing killing each other).