Time Warner Cable to offer live TV for iOS devices

Time Warner Cable Inc., the second- largest U.S. cable operator, is adding live out-of-home programming for the first time to its TWC TV application, letting customers watch shows on Apple Inc. mobile devices.

Good news for iPad and iPhone users who also happen to be Time Warner Cable customers.

  • You should make it clear that this is outside one’s home and home wi-fi network. TWC already lets you watch pretty much the whole basic cable lineup on iOS when you’re at home on your network going thru their cable modem.

    Even so, a big deal!

  • Of course, I’m already a Time Warner Cable customer – a cable internet customer, not cable TV customer. Know what we get for being paying customers? NOTHING THAT’S WHAT AHHHHHG

  • matthewmaurice

    It’s a smart play for a “dumb pipe.” The more services that you offer customers with mobile devices, the more you can subvert potential “cable cutters.”