Seven year old girl plays Sweet Child O Mine

Rock on, young lady. Rock on.

  • segiddins

    Damn. that’s quite impressive.

  • Martyn

    Her name is Zoe Thomson and she has her own youtube channel zoeplaysrock.

  • Nuns N’ Moses

    Hahaha! What a total difference from the terrible cover you posted last year on the Loop:

  • Tim Maddux

    I poked around Zoe’s videos and my favorite of hers so far is the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song. Then I found Desiree Bassett in the “related videos” section and my head exploded.

  • Billy Razzle

    It’s almost disturbing how effortless it seems to her.

  • I think this is very comfortable. Perhaps the girl can play something even harder!

  • famousringo

    I raise you a six year old playing YYZ:

  • feeling inadequate all of a sudden…

  • Not really related, but I still think you would enjoy this: Beatles cover band, but plays in the style of Metallica = BEATALLICA!

  • Winski

    HOO-RAH !!!!!!

  • Zoe, meet Avery. Avery, meet Zoe.