Facebook ‘Chat Heads’ coming to iOS app

Peter Kafka:

You can’t get Facebook Home on your iPhone. But very soon you’ll be able to get one of the most buzzed-about features from Facebook’s new mobile software: “Chat Heads” are coming to iOS devices, via a Facebook app update.

I can’t wait not to use this.

  • I just used it. Nothing game changing. May be some change if its implemented across OS but I don’t want FB to spying me all time and showing ads.

  • IMHO: If Apple allows Facebook Home on any of its mobile devices, IT IS OVER!

    • How so? You’re not forced to use Facebook Home on any device. You’re not forced to use iOS’s current Facebook integration. And you’re not forced to use Facebook either.

      If you don’t like it, don’t use it.

      • It’s not about Facebook at all. I think what artman means is that when Apple allows Facebook Home with its “full OS integration” into iOS (as it is with Android), that means they will have changed their current iOS rules. And that means ANY app can pop-up bubbles, boxes, alerts and whatnot all over the damn place, no matter what app you’re in. And that would most decidedly NOT be a good thing for 99% of users.

        • If that’s the case, then I was wrong.

          I assumed he was referring to Facebook Home-style integration on iOS, because that seems to be the only way Facebook will ever be more deeply integrated with iOS.

          Because honestly, I don’t think that Apple will ever make it so that “ANY app can pop-up bubbles, boxes, alerts and whatnot all over the damn place, no matter what app you’re in”.

          I agree with you, that would be terrible.

          However, Apple can very well allow just Facebook, if they please. It doesn’t mean they have to allow every other app or that the rules of iOS have changed. I still think there’s a better chance of hell freezing over, but I’m just pointing that out.

  • kibbles

    an icon of your buddy in chat. this is innovation in mobile…?

  • tylernol

    I just installed it. I like the animations. But yeah, nothing ground-breaking here. I am very glad it is corralled to my Facebook app and I do not see chat heads pop up while I am playing Tiny Wings or whatnot.

  • You may not like Facebook or you may not like Messaging but the design chops being shown off by the ChatHeads implementation are pretty significant. I wouldn’t be quick to dismiss it.

  • Herding_sheep

    Don’t be so quick to dismiss this. Regardless of how much you like the idea of Facebook Home, the actual design here with Chat Heads and much of Facebook Home is very well designed.

    And that should come as no surprise, seeing as one of the leading designers behind much of whats in Facebook Home (such as the overall look, animations, and physics) is more than likely Mike Matas.

    I’m sure you loved a lot of Mikes excellent designs when he worked at Apple on the creation of iPhone and iPad, so its a bit arrogant to dismiss his work thats being done for a different company. It may be at a different company, but the quality of design is still on par with his work at Apple. Facebook Home is arguably the most fluidly animated piece of software I’ve seen yet on Android. The Apple DNA is very easy to see in it.

    • I don’t think anyone is saying that it is not well-designed. Just that they don’t want even more Facebook in their lives. That seems to be the main thing people have been complaining about with Facebook Home – that it’s too invasive, and omnipresent on a person’s smartphone.

      The iOS version of it is not there yet because of Apple’s tight control, but just read @artman1033’s comment. The problem is not the design, it’s the invasiveness.

  • I actually really like this feature, it is much less intrusive and I think many other apps could learn from it.

  • Just tried out the update. I like the chat heads! Good job Facebook!