Why Google Fiber matters

This is a different phase, not an incremental improvement. The difference between the standard Internet access that shapes our imagination and a fiber-to-the-home connection is as great as the difference between no electricity and an electrified life. But only if we see this difference, only if we understand what’s possible, can we change our expectations. And that’s the most important thing about the Google Fiber efforts.

In my area, fiber backbone is being run thanks in part to government grants. But it’s not going to be “last mile” service, so homes aren’t going to get it. I’d love to see Google Fiber come to town.

  • Tvaddic

    What do you mean? Your ISP already knows what you are doing?

    • Domicinator

      Yes, but they’re not spying on me for the sake of showing me ads. The one service I use that I think would probably be doing that is HuluPlus, but at least they’re not scanning my emails and stuff. I am pretty much 100% Google-free these days and I love it.