Don’t be a padhole

Is there any sight more dispiriting than an unaware idiot taking pictures with a tablet? I can’t help but feel like we’re on the verge of our civilization breaking down; we’re just a tablet picture and a few “YOLOs” away from making shit-paintings of buffalos in caves.

  • def4

    How about you get a life and stop worrying so much about what other people choose to do with their stuff.

    • gjgustav

      How about you read the article and realize people taking pictures with tablets get in the way of others? Notice there’s no article titled “don’t be a phonehole.”

      • Pete

        People taking pictures with any camera can get in the way of others. People just standing there can get in the way of others. Tall people, fat people, all sorts of people can get in the way of others. iPad has a camera. It’s there for taking pictures.

        • gjgustav

          I wonder why Apple doesn’t put the good camera in the iPad.

  • Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ

    Maybe you should worry less about how other people use their tablets. This sort of hipster elitism is incredibly grating. Sure, it’s satire, except it comes across as angry, not funny, and aren’t you kind of sick of pointless internet douche angst?

    • Mother Hydra

      So calling something hipster invalidates it? Weird. Clearly you’ve never had the delightful experience of trying to gain a vantage around some r-tard holding his iPad aloft like Excalibur. I have several times at concerts and art galleries so I’m 100% with maddox. People should feel shame but that product is in short supply in our “everyone is a unique snowflake don’t stifle them” society

      • quietstorms

        The Yeah Yeah Yeahs recently posted at one of their concerts not to hold up your phone so as not to be a jerk to other paying customers.

        Where do you draw the line? Or do you draw it at the point when you personally think you’re not acting like an asshole while others believe so?

        Anyway, this article dealt more with the appearance of doing something which makes them inferior on any level. Appearances do not grant you any superiority over another human being.

      • The Cappy

        This is a legitimate argument. But a lot of madcox’s argument is about the iPad being a poor camera. If you have a thing that bothers you, complain about the specific thing that bothers you. To pile up every possible argument you can think of, and to imagine that bolsters your argument rather than weakens it… this is the point at which madcox became a turd.

        And this is the problem with modern discourse. You’re 100% with madcox because you agree with one aspect of his argument. You should step back from that. You should say “In this sense he is right.” Or are you really saying that you agree with every single thing he said? Everything? “100%”? Even the parts where he’s a turd?

        • lucascott

          Outside of low light I find the iPad camera to be rather good.

      • lucascott

        Exactly, it’s not really the iPad that is the issue. You can be the same jerk but with a phone etc

  • Yes, Google Glass.

    I don’t see what the big deal is with taking pics with tablets. Just because society isn’t used to seeing it and it makes them uncomfortable?

    • gjgustav

      No, it’s because they block the view of others, as explained in the article.

      • Feel free to get up and move out from behind me.

        • gjgustav

          No offence, but isn’t it just a little bit selfish or inconsiderate to expect the onus to be on others to accommodate your choice in unnecessarily large device.

          • No more selfish than you wanting me to put down my iPad when you could easily take two steps to either side. What if I am blocked by someone who is taller than me? Should I make them move, or should I move?

          • gjgustav

            I didn’t really mean for the discussion to get this far, because this is relatively unimportant, but what I believe is that if I choose a device to take a picture that is larger than what is the norm, then I should be the one to take steps to ensure that my choice is not impacting others. Expecting others to put in effort to accommodate my choice that is outside the norm is a being a bit inconsiderate, in my opinion.

            To answer your question, if you really can’t make way for others behind you, then allow them in front of you, and hold your iPad up from behind them, or take your pic quickly and put the iPad down.

  • The other day I was at my son’s swimming class and had forgotten my iPhone at home (DAMN!). But I used my son’s iPad mini to take a video of him. So I was “that guy”, but i didn’t feel embarrassed. Yet you would have judged me.

    • Mother Hydra

      because you will never have the opportunity again. go buy a camera and stop being THAT guy

      • rattyuk

        Why does he have to throw money at something when he already owns something that does the job? Yes the article was amusing. But hey, live and let live. If the camera you have on you is an iPad then that’s what you should use.

      • quietstorms

        The goal for is for you to be quicker at not being a dick than judging people at appearances alone.

      • The Cappy

        I don’t carry a separate camera with me everywhere I go. Few people used to, and fewer now do.

    • tylernol

      the best camera is the one you have with you.

  • Mother Hydra

    Ah Maddox, I’ve loved his writing since his venerable “crappy children’s artwork” piece many years ago. I completely agree 100% If you do this in public, you are an inconsiderate asshole.

  • Michael

    As has been said so may times, the best camera is the one you have with you. If all you’ve got it your iPad when something happens, use it!

  • tylernol

    the usage of iPads for picture taking seems to be quite prevalent with older people. Why is that? Their vision is not as good and a huge viewscreen is the solution.

    • quietstorms

      It could be a few reasons for this. Maybe they can’t afford an iPhone and its monthly payment plan. Maybe, as you said, can’t see the screen well. Maybe the iPad is what they have in their hands and want to take a picture with it.

      • tylernol

        yup, and the best phone you have is the one you have with you.

  • lkalliance

    Actually the piece made me question the photos I take. Setting aside (for a moment) the issue of taking the photo with the tablet, I asked myself, why do I photograph? He’s spot on about taking a photo of the Mona Lisa. How is it going to be different than any other photo of the Mona Lisa, only worse? I can Google(tm) the Mona Lisa and get tons of photos.

    I can think of two (broadly defined) reasons to take a photograph:

    (1) Capture a moment that won’t exist ever again. I take lots of photos of birds at my birdfeeder. Each bird is different, and the experience of seeing THAT bird in THAT pose in THAT light and THAT weather won’t happen again. So I can justify that to myself. I keep shooting, though. How many shots of dark-eyed juncos pecking at seeds on my snow-covered deck do I need? I still justify it so long as I only keep the very best photos. There isn’t any point otherwise. Throw out 99 percent of them.

    That goes for photos of people at famous places. I went on a trip with my daughter; we saw places we’d never seen before. What photo of Mt. Rushmore can I possibly take that hasn’t ever been taken? One that has her in it. I feel anyone can justify the “I was there” photo even if it is in a place or of a thing that is otherwise totally a commodity.

    This also includes Facebook(tm)-style snapshots. “This is what I’m about to eat.” “This is where I am right now.” These are documenting moments in time. You may find them boring moments in time, but they’re moments in time that are unique. I totally understand and approve of the motivation to take those photos.

    (2) Pursuit of artwork If you’re shooting not to document but to create artwork, then go for it. If you’re going to take that photo of Mt. Rushmore with the intent to do something creative with it, shoot away! Better to do it with your own image than someone else’s. Doesn’t really matter if the same kind of artwork exists a gazillion other places. It’s an expression of yourself and even as a matter of practicing technique it has value.

    So, back to iPads as cameras. They’re tools (I don’t mean the people using them are tools, though they might be). They’re POOR tools to the task of taking a photo, as Maddox showed. So the justification for using them has to depend on the inherent value of the photograph.

    Is it a moment described in (1)? Is it an object that you could find easily with a Google image search (I guarantee you’ll find a better quality image than the one you’re about to take)? There’s a sliding scale, too. You might take a worthwhile photo of the Mona Lisa if you’re using top-flight equipment to capture a perspective of the object that is unusual (though unlikely to be unique). But that’s really (2). For which the image that comes out of your iPad’s camera will be ill-suited. Unless you’re a tortured genius. Put your iPad away, you’re embarrassing yourself.

    Is it a slice of life that won’t ever exist again? Do it. “The best camera is the one you have with you.” That’s the camera you have. Capture the moment, and don’t let Maddox or I or anyone tell you you shouldn’t. Just do it quick will you, please?

  • If you’re blocking my view at a concert with your gadget held aloft, I don’t care what you’re using. You’re still an asshole.

  • I think “don’t be a jerk when taking a photo” is a much simpler concept, but people like Maddox can’t grasp that and feel the need to make a rule about every aspect of it — and enforce it on others.

    Surely “don’t be a dick” also applies here.

    • Ed

      You do know that pretty much everything he blasts at on his site he actually doesn’t care about in real life right…people stop him on the street all the time lol

  • Bob

    I dunno, the iPad Mini and other similar sized tablets are smaller than cameras used to be.

  • Who cares what device people use? The issue at hand here is the prevalence of camera enabled devices has resulted in a plethora of utter crap being uploaded and tagged every day. Where people used to experience a moment, now all they do is photograph it.

  • albertkinng

    True. I really feel the same about this. Anyone offended need to buy a snapshot camera right away.

  • Slurpy2k12

    I’ve never taken a photo with my tablet while outside the house, but why are these people automatically “idiots”? Yeah, it seems a bit more impractical and awkward than using your phone, but there’s many older people who would benefit from the much larger viewfinder of a screen. Also, with the mini it looks alot less silly. It’s only an inch bigger than the 6.8″ Galaxy Mega Samsung is coming out with (which I think is ridiculous) so using bigger devices to take photos will become more common. Taking photos with tablets has become so common that its ridiculous to keep insulting anyone who does so.

  • BakaRakuda

    If using a tablet, such as an iPad mini makes you an asshole, then what does the future portend for the typical Android user? 😛

    Looks like your average Android phone will overtake the iPad mini in size in about a years time.

    • lucascott

      Have you heard about the Samsung Mega. It sounds like its already there

  • The Cappy

    Actually, a padhole is the guy bitching about people taking pictures with their iPad. Sometimes the best camera is the most convenient. Sometimes the best camera is the one with the highest quality pictures. To Mr Cohen and to the “madcox” person who wrote the linked article: both of you might want to consider growing up.

  • The Cappy

    I take pictures with my iPhone and with my iPad. Depends on the situation and the people around me. With the iPad, I have a lot better viewfinder. With the iPhone, I have a small device that doesn’t get in people’s way. Different tools for different jobs. The pictures I take with my iPad are, by and large, superior to the pictures i take with my iPhone. The quality of the iPhone camera is better. But the composition using the iPad is better. It’s enough that I carry those two devices around with me wherever I go. A camera can’t replace either one of them. It’s far too limited. And its superiority AS a camera isn’t sufficient to get me to carry a third device.

  • lucascott

    I take photos with my iPad all the time. If it is the tool I have with me.

    I think where the disdain comes it is more folks being less than discreet doing things like sticking it up in the air, blocking others experience, to get the shot. Same as any camera

  • memyselfandi

    don’t be a bloghole. There is nothing more dispiriting than a self-righteous blogger writing an opinionated article needlessly badmouthing other folks who are doing no one any harm, perhaps other than another self-righteous blogger promoting the first sr-blogger’s article. I can’t help but feel we are on the verge of our civilization breaking down; we are just a few shitty, opinionated articles and a few self-aware pats on our backs accompanied with humorless profanity away from adding pointless bits to the corpus of shitty reporting in the world. And, yes I am one of those padholes, and actually my photos are pretty damn good.

    • Randolph

      This is 100% funnier than what Maddox wrote. Kudos!

  • Is there anything more obnoxious than some smug jerk telling someone that their choice of creative tool or medium is WRONG WRONG WRONG. Why yes, there is, someone who makes a crummy blog post about it!

    It takes him until the second to last paragraph to make the point that taking a picture with a tablet can be inconsiderate of other people in the vicinity, but it’s pretty hard to take that point from someone who is down with spewing bile and ridicule with abandon.

  • I find this “issue” rather comical considering the huge problem people kept having with the iPad 1 was its lack of a camera.

  • AHAHHAAHAHAHA. Thanks for the laugh.