‘The PC industry is digging its own grave’

Roger Kay:

With Windows 8, Microsoft entirely screwed the pooch. A badly conceived OS, designed to compete with Apple’s iOS and yet remain a traditional PC, did neither. It only confused and repelled users. Windows 7, a decent replacement for Windows XP, finally, could have sustained the industry easily for a decade.

Kay’s comments about how Intel and Microsoft dropped contracts with his consulting company are particularly telling: he blames the decisions on Endpoint’s unwillingness to help their PR efforts.

  • def4

    That’s certainly brave to bite the hand that feeds and then make a fuss about it.

    It’s almost never easy to choose between giving a customer what they want and what they need, but publicly turning agaist them doesn’t sound very smart.

  • Winski

    WHOOOOSH !!!! That giant sucking sound is Microshaft and remaining remnants of WinTel going down the bowl…. Buh..bye Bomber…

  • Tvaddic

    I don’t think it was WIndows 8, because if it was there are plenty of Windows 7 laptops that are cheaper than WIndows 8. And if it was you would see a huge outcry from people that bought WIndows 8 computers, like in WIndows Vista. Some people still use the extremely outdated XP, so it has nothing to do with quality. I think it is people buying tablets, and smart phones you don’t need a new computer. WIndows Vista was way worse than 8, but it sold more because we needed laptops then not quality, just time.

    • Carlos

      I think the idea was that Win8 was supposed to reverse the decline in PC sales because Microsoft hoped everyone would rush out and buy a new PC when it was released. In reality Win8 was a dud and PC sales continue to fall.

      It’s not that Win8 prevented PC sales, it just didn’t reinvigorate them as Microsoft predicted.

  • Roger Kay’s certainly come a long way since his days of crying “Apple is doomed” almost as often as Enderle. His paragraph 8, about being a “message force multiplier,” is funny, considering how much of the stuff he used to write was exactly that: reinforcing his paying clients’ message in the press, regardless of how untrue it was.

    He’ll recover. His Endpoint consultancy will find work in the Android biosphere if it hasn’t done so already. He’ll soon enough go back to attacking Apple for its success and praising Android for its originality.