Verizon offers $35 prepaid plan for ‘dumbphone’ users

Big Red’s gone back to basics, announcing a novel prepaid plan for folks without a smartphone — which will go alongside the company’s existing $50, all-you-can-have offering. With the new Basic Plan, Verizon’s giving would-be customers a $35 option which serves 500 anytime minutes (sorry, no mobile-to-mobile) as well as unlimited mobile data and text messaging.

I’ve written before about my experience using a “dumb” phone (which I still use), so it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who eschews smartphones and their expensive data plans.

  • Not just smartphones and their expensive data plans, but movie downloads too, right? Some people won’t use the latest and greatest technology if they feel it is overpriced. It’s scary to me, even if I’m heavily in debt because I have the opposite strategy.

  • Shawn L.

    This doesn’t sound all that new. Verizon has been selling phones and service at the same rates via retail stores for quite a while. Sold side by side with Tracfones.

    Maybe it’s new for Verizon to be selling this directly. If so, that may be a good move for them as other major carriers seem to be eliminating “feature” phones. Build goodwill with customers, take customers away from the competition. Not to mention some people don’t like the idea of buying such phones over the counter at general retailers, as it carries a stigma (be it against “burner” phones or the discount retailers who carry them).

  • A plan for dumbphones? Why didn’t they just say “Android Plan”?

    Ba Dum Tish…